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Court next week, supposed to be dismissed. I failed my drug test tonight for alcohol, I got an underage drinking charge a yr ago
I got charged with drinking underage over a year ago, I did community service, I am now doing drug/alcohol classes 3 times a week. My court date is next week, and I failed my drug test tonight for alcohol. They cannot continue court any longer, but I know I will have more classes now. Technically I've done everything I am supposed too for court but they said if the classes are not done by my court date I will be put on probation. What do you think will happen?
Several possibilities- the Judge may find you did not comply with all terms/conditions, voids the deferral agreement...
Can a law enforcement officer question an intoxicated person and trick them into admitting to a crime that didn't happen?
The cops was asking my fiance questions at the same time and tricked her into admitting to a crime neither of us did. We was arrested for assaulting each other. Both denied assaulting each other. When they noticed my cameras were not on they teamed up on her with questions back to back and at the same time. Her ex husband was the caller cause he called when we were having a disagreement.
An officer can, in large part, deceive you. Any responses they get when using ruses or legal deceptions are going to be...
What do i have to do to get interlock removed from my car if it was optional
need to have interlock removed its been a year and it wasnt court ordered it was part it was optional due to the deal made in court
Take it back to the provider who installed it and they can remove it.
Beating an underage consumption charge?
I am 17 years old and I am facing an underage consumption charge. I was detained at my own house after my parents called the police because they suspected I was drunk. When the officers arrived at my house I told them I wasn't going to answer any questions without an attorney present and they arrested me right away, but I was never given any sobriety tests or a breathalyzer or anything to prove I was intoxicated, and the officer also did not read me my rights. Upon entering jail, the processing officer had questions to answer about me asking if they thought I was under the influence and that officer answered no. This is my first time getting in any trouble and I feel like the lack of evidence will allow me to beat this charge, do I have a solid defense or can I still be convicted?
It is weak with out evidence. No blood alcohol or breath alcohol or urine test? What can your parent testify to? Did...
I received a Felony DWI in 1998 in NY I want to apply for a Good Conduct How do I go about it?
I had a conviction in 1982 and another in 1992 and the last one in 1998 I spent a night in jail fined and suspended license, the last one I was put on 5 years probation. I completed probation 2 years early attended AA meetings and mental health therapy. I haven't drank in 15 years and returned to school and Graduated with an AS in applied Science. I want to go to University and get a good job and want to know how I can get the DWI either on a Good Conduct or sealed. How do I go about this?
It complicated and depends upon your record. You may be eligible for a restoration hearing at the DMV.
DWLR one year after conviction for DWI level 1 with probation suspended sentence supervision 24 months. What will happen.
My son was just charged with the DWLR and has one prior DWI level 2 conviction 5 years earlier.
Sorry to hear that you're going through this. However, it's not really possible for any of us on here to answer your...
Has a" habitual dwi" offenders drivers liscence ever been reinstated in north carolina?
The four convictions with in seven yrs. , and over ten yrs. since the conviction of the habitual dwi. I would like to know if there has been a reinstated drivers liscence in N.C. for the Habitual DWI conviction.
I am sure the answer is yes but it is always much more difficult to obtain your driving privileges after three or more...