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Do I need to hire a lawyer for my son who was pulled over for DUI?
My son was pulled over for speeding. The cop said he also saw him swerve. He passed his sobriety test but admitted to drinking a glass of wine. They measured his blood alcohol and it was below the legal limit. But they arrested him since he admitted to drinking. He is 19 years old and has a court date for Thursday. He has never been in trouble with the law before. What is the next step and should we hire a lawyer or what do we do next?
Yes. He needs to hire a lawyer immediately. Do not wait until the day before the hearing before consulting one. Good...
Will I be drug tested at a drug and alcohol assessment?
I was put on supervised probation less than a month ago and have had 2 meetings with my probation officer already with no drug testing being done. I have a drug and alcohol assessment scheduled VERY soon and I know for a fact that I will fail a drug test if I am given one, are drug tests typically administered at these assessments and if I fail one will it be a violation of probation or is it basically a test to see where I currently stand for future testing by my probation officer? I was charged with simple possession/casual exchange with 1 year supervised probation.
This varies from place to place. Some places do a test with an assessment, some don't. It sounds like you're already...
Can i still be charged with a V.O.P for a failed drug screen 4 months before probation expired what is the most likley out come!
I went in to probation lime normal an was poped with a random screen... Do i go to the back take the test an fail for said substance at which point i asked to have sent to the lab because of a drug that was said to have faild for. When the test comes back my P.O puts A V.O.P on me an i stay on the town until my sentence eneded on oct 10th 2016.. Will i be ok?
You will be ok or know if your ok when your attorney advises you of your options after reviewing all the facts and evidence.
Should I sue my former employer?
I was a secretary at a large hospital. My boss told me that HR got an anonymous call that I was on drugs. My boss said the only way to clear it up was to take a drug test. I did on-site. A collection tech watched me give a specimen and proceeded to test it. The test was negative. I was sent back to work. Eight days later, I received a call from an MRO saying I was positive on a confirmation test and I was discharged.
Since Tennessee is an at-will employment state, you probably do not have a cause of action unless you had an employment...
Who is the best attorney in maryville tn. For petty theft and dui
Petty theft and dui charges
Great question ! Google search call the attorney's and let us know.
Should DUI Vehicular Homicide laws exist? There is no intent to kill.
DUI vehicular homicide laws and punishments don't fit the crime. There is no homicide, no intent to kill, no pre-meditation. Murder, rape, child molestation, armed robbery, and crimes where people put their hands on people to rob, rape, assault, or kill them should be the only crimes that are serious violent offender felonies. Everything else is just a scheme for the legal, jail, 3rd party private for profit industry. The states have gotten away with using the carpetbagger KKK reconstruction era 14th amendment, or other crimes, to take peoples rights from them.
Perhaps a bit of clarification is in order. Homicide is simply when one person takes the life of another person....
Since DUI fatalities have not declined despite harsh vehicular homicide laws, shouldn't DUI be considered a felony?
And a crime of moral turpitude?
Your opinion is wrong. The percentage of alcohol-related fatalities decreased from 50.6 percent in 1990 to 42 percent...