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Can you be charged with dui if car is running but your not in the vehicle ?
Car had a flat tire it was still running I was outside looking at tire as police pulled up
Guessing you admitted to driving, or implied as much....what caused the flat tire? Was it due to improper operation...
Do I need to get a lawyer? Is this right?
DCS started a case with me because I tested positive for marijuana. The baby didn’t have it in her urine or poop. It was in The Cord. They’ve since then tested drug tested me twice, both which came back negative for marijuana. They tested dad (my name is the only name on the lease) and he came pack positive (a faint line at that, he’s over 400 pounds and it stays in his system longer). They’re trying to still have an open case!!!!!! Is this legal? What should I be doing?
Yes, you should hire a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with DCS.
How long does a DWI stay on your driving history
How long does a DWI stay on your driving history 17 years ago I got a DWI how long does that stay on your record
Technically forever. Though most records requests show back 7 or 10 years. If it is important to get off your record...
The consequences of reviving a warrant for driving without a license and possession of marijuana in Indiana
My friend just got arrested yesterday she will have curt tomorrow at 1:30pm. She received a warrant because she fail to attend to court. For driving without a license and possession of marijuana. i really want to know the consequences she will face. There is no bond as far as I know.
I hope she has found a good local lawyer. Missing a Court date is the best way to land in jail until trial....
How much trouble will my 20 year old son be in for testing positive on a urine test for alcohol while on an alcohol program?
My son was given an alcohol ticket in March of this year. He was underage (20) and at a party. He didn't tell me about it and has been taking alcohol classes and being tested randomly. His probationary period is up August 25th, 2017. He went in this morning and tested positive for alcohol in his system via a urine test. How much trouble is will he be in for violating this? He has never been in trouble, clean record, is a full time college student with a part time job. I am so worried. Thank you.
He's likely facing jail time............... and he's been in trouble twice now.. once for the ticket and once for...
Can my probation officer in the state of Indiana make my family dr give out the results of a blood test ?
I went and had blood drawn at the dr to test my blood sugar to find out if I'm diabetic or not and I'm not sure what all they are gonna test it for and I am worried that they might give out my results to my probation officer
Depends on if you've signed a HIPPA release. Also, it's not likely that a blood-test relating to diabetes would test...
How long can you spend in jail for driving while already habitual in Indiana?
My Husband was suspended for being habitual and was pulled over again for driving while he is already habitual. He was given a public defender but no matter how much we try we have not been able to get a hold of him. He goes to court on July 13th and I'm very anxious and nervous not knowing what to expect.
It depends how he was charged. If he was charged with a level 5 felony, that is up to 6 years in prison.