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What are the South Dakota Controlled Substance II possession laws for drugs found in vehicle that doesnt belong to the driver?
A friend was pulled over for hitting a jaywalking pedestrian at night in a BORROWED VEHICLE on a major city road. They searched the car & found drugs & other paraphanelia in a CROWN ROYAL BAG in back seat on floor buried under clothes, misc stuff. He is now being personally charged for what they found. Did they have right to do a Search in first place? Please advise how he can fight these charges. He has no prior convictions, 1st Offense. Clean record.
Without knowing more of the circumstances of the case, it's hard to say whether the search was justified. Did they say...
Is it possible to have a DUI removed from your background check even though I was never charged with a DUI.
I sent a request in to the FBI for a criminal background check and it shows that I was charged with a DUI first offense. This charge was dropped to reckless driving however and I just had to pay a fine. I get my bachelor's soon and was wondering how to go about getting that DUI removed when I never was convicted of that charge.
It seems you pled to the lesser charge, right? That detail is important to your next step
My husband was caught for 4th dui(5) in south Dakota what is going to happen now?
He just got off probation a year ago?
He should hire an experienced defense attorney immediately and should not discuss the details of his case with anyone...
I can't get into Canada because of my DUI's. It has been 14 years since I had my last DUI. I tried for a pardon and could't get
I went into Canada over ten years ago and because of my DUI record. I could not get in. What do I have to do to get back into Canada?
People can get into Canada with a DUI, it's just an extreme hassle. Before your trip, speak to the Canadian Consulate...
1st dui in Sd
41 yrs old. Just recently moved to SD 2 months ago I got dui in 1993 while going to college in Mt. Do I need attorney for suspended imposition or what should I do?
It is always a good idea to hire an attorney to help you through this. You can look for a local attorney and obtain a...
How do you ask for more time from the judge to get a lawyer for a first time offense
1st time DUI ..blew .1 legal limit .08
Judge I would like a continuance to retain a lawyer. He almost has to grant is as it's your Sixth Amendment right.
I got a dui in south Dakota 3 times the legal limit which involved another person that put him in the hospital. 1st offense.
Wreck my car down a major interstate. Went the wrong way hit a truck head on and put bodily harm to a guy.
I don't see an actual question posted. With what was stated, you should contact a dui attorney dui attorney...