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Can they later change the charge to vehicular homicide of some sort if the victim has since died?
The answer depends on a few things. If the person was under the influence of alcohol or drugs and the victim dies as...
Your husband needs to consult with an attorney ASAP. If you cannot afford an attorney, he should receive a public...
Can I get into a program and have the charges dropped or reduced?
You will likely have options if this is your first charge and there is no injury. You should retain an attorney for the...
Approximately 15 years ago I got a DWI in Louisiana. I was granted an Article 894. Will my Texas DWI show up as a second offense? Also, will Louisiana DMV find out if Texas suspends my DL.
Yes, your Texas DWI will show up as a second offense. The States generally do pretty well in talking to each other...
They denied me my rights and i did not sign any legal paperwork and the officer did not impound my truck and did not follow protocal and allowed someone to drive my truck off at the scene and i did not give permission
Yes - typically the arresting officer chooses which tests to be administered and in this case, the Officer chose a...
I was charged with a dui and wasnt actually drinking, the officer did not read me my rights,also denied me of a blood test to prove my innocence. The officer doesnt have any evidence neither can i still be charged?
If you are charged then the officer thinks you exhibited signs of intoxication and perhaps you performed field sobriety...
The suspension was for a dui, I am also on probation. My first suspension was dismissed with a fine and not put on my record. I recently was stopped and given a court date. I have a son and am also in my last trimester of pregnancy. I need to know if there is any risk of jailtime. I can not get my licebse reinstated.before the court date it is in four days and can not afford an attourney.
You should be able to get the services of a pd