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Underage drinking ticket! Non-citizen. Coming back home before court date.
I am a non US citizen. I am studying in the states under a student visa. Last Wednesday (October 31) I got an underage drinking ticket and I have to go to court on December 10. However, I will go back home on December 6, since my college will close for Christmas. I will come back to the US for spring semester on January 17. I am going to change my date court. Should I go to court before leaving the US or after I come back? Some of my friends say that I might go on probation. Would I go on probation? If I do am I able to leave the country?. How can I get this off my record?
You need to hire an attorney. You absolutely need to appear in court when told to do so, unless you can get the date...
What if an officer is untruthful on some details & left out other pertinent details in his DUI Offense/Incident Report ?
1)Several of his questions were worded differently than stated in his report therefore my answers were out of context. 2)Prior to conducting field sobriety tests, when asked if I had any medical issues, I indicated multiple knee injuries. His report stated "no mention of medical issues" and that 'digital video was unavailable due to malfunction of his video camera'. 3) I was given a total of 4 breath tests: I was given 2 on the scene (report states 1) & he acknowledged that I had difficulty completing the tests due to bronchitis. I was given 2 more at police station "once my coughing had settled", again unable to complete the tests without coughing. He listed.080 & .082, & failed to mention the difficulties regarding the bronchitis on his report. Can I dispute these discrepancies?
I can't imagine defending against a DUI charge without speaking to a lawyer. DUI defense is a highly technical area,...
Has the statute of limitation's run on my DUI in Georgia? What to do next moving forward?
Arrested for DUI while sitting in my car on Jan. 1st 2013, stayed over night at the Deluxe Hilton(jail) was released on bail the next day and went to court a month later for arraignment. At my arraignment was told to wait for a letter in the mail from the DA for formal charges (didn't make a plea). It's been 2 years and a month since then and no letter from the DA and no information on file at the clerk of superior court. Still checking in with bail bondsman every week and no warrants etc. to my knowledge. Also never lost my license or had a DMV hearing and this is a 2nd DUI offense. I took a blood test , refused field sobriety test. I haven't left the state or county in the past two years. Thank you for your time it is appreciated.
Hard to say without knowing more, but it sounds like the statute of limitations has run. Was your arraignment continued...
Driving on suspended license do I have a case?
I was leaving work and had a friend follow me my license was suspended at the time for a speeding ticket, a cop came flying up behind my friend and passed us as he passed us I pulled into Walmart and pulled right back out a few minutes after he passed he followed me and my friend a few red lights down and then pulled me over for driving suspiciously, I was arrested for driving on suspended license, do I have a case? I got no traffic tickets or car problems only the arrest for driving w no license the vehicle is in my fathers name as well.
The officer has to have a reason to pull you over, and "suspicious driving" is certainly suspect. Keep in mind proving...
Should I have a administrative suspension in Florida .
I went to Florida with a friend as a passenger. On the way back from Florida they were involved in a accident . At that time I had a Georgia drivers license that were suspended , prior to making the trip. For some reason I was accused of driving. Went to the hospital in Bay County . I had broken ribs ,punctured lung, nearly tore off my index finger, broke arm and leg, stitches all over.Within 4 hours they (police literally carring me to a police car). I was thrown through the windshield on passenger side where I was seated. I guess after investigating the accident, they chose to drop all of the citations . When I came back to Georgia , I had a DUI charge that I plead guilty to. I paid fines , attended DUI class, counseling. Got reinstated in Ga. I can't get my license due to adm. Susp in f
Hire a lawyer in the State where you have the issue. Not sure why this is even a question.
I was arrested for drivers license coming up denied? Spent night in jail! And went to motor vehicle to find out i had a validDL
I was pulled over.asked why I was being pulled over and he said I had a tag light out.he asked my name I told him several times then I said would u like my drivers license? He said oh yeah.came back He asked me to get out of my escalade I said may I ask why? He said just go to the back of the truck.. I said OK figuring that he was going to show me my tag light was out.instead he put cuffs on me!i said what are u doing. he said u know exactly what I'm doing your under arrest for not having a drivers license.i was so shocked being i am 39 never been in any trouble in my life. He said it came up denied.i spent night in jail. Went to dmv soon as I got out and my license was valid.said he'd throw out.went to court found out he lied on pr.said gave him a fake name? Not enough room on here..
Unfortunatley you are going to need a lawyer. If the police officer lied, which is common, it does not matter unless...
What are the penalties for a first time DUI, blowing a .22 ?
The person was arrested in Canton, GA. The charges (that I saw) just said DUI and a few other traffic violations (swerving, for example). Is this more serious because the number is high?
-Fine up to $1,000 plus court cost -12 months in jail or probation. Minimum 24 hours jail. -DUI school -Drug &...