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Failed breath test on interlock; violating probation?
Sunday morning I tried to start my car & got a "failed" reading on my breathalyzer. I'm guessing it was from perfume, toothpaste, etc. as i just got ready and was rushing out of the door. I've never had this happen, so I unplugged my device. I waited maybe a minute, plugged it back in, blew and was able to start my car. I am under the MD "no alcohol" rule through my supervised probation. I notified Guardian interlock of what happened. Will the obvious retest that passed cancel out the fail? Should I call my PO and let him know what happened or wait to see the monthly calibration and let him know? I've had this device for 12 months so far with no violations. I don't want this messing with my probation. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
The failure will result in a one month extension of the interlock. Each month where you have one or more failures...
Can a Canadian Boarder Guard see my PBJ for DUI from 10 years ago?
MD DUI with weekends served.
I strongly suggest consulting with an immigration attorney before attempting a border crossing.
Is it likely the MVA will give three options to me for my license with my second DUI suspension, interlock and work restricted?
The DUI's were more than 5 years apart. Breathe test for taken in both cases both were below .12. No minors were in the car. Driving record is decent outside of these. I have went to alcohol classes before ordered to by judge. I have heard most time the MVA offer three options the interlock in the car for 6 months and you can drive only that car, serve the full suspension of your license and you can not drive at all, or work restricted license where you can only drive to and from work.
I suggest you open up your query to DUI so that attorneys who practice in that area of law can help you with a response.
Difference between BAC and Preliminary BAC level I have a .12 BAC on most of my papers but on 1 have a Preliminary Bac of .18?
Which one will the MVA look at. On my notification to defendant of result of test for alcohol concentration it says .12 but when I was given the field test its as .18 which one will be used?
The preliminary test results are not admissible in court. The test at the station is performed by a certified operator...
Are online alcohol courses accpeted in maryland district court
required to take a certified alcohol awareness program
The short answer that you probably don't want to hear is maybe. If the provider is in Maryland, and the program itself...
On probation wondering what the urine test in Maryland test for is it just drugs or does it test for alcohol as well?
I had a few shots of alcohol the night before I was given a urine test from my probation officer in Maryland. I am on probation for al alcohol charge but not sure if the test will test for alcohol or just drugs? It has been three weeks since the test and have not heard from my probation officer. I know I am not suppose to be drinking while on probation and this has been a lesson learned.
Without seeing your probation contract, I am still confident in saying that yes, it will test for alcohol. If you are...
I recieved a DUI/DWI in 2008. I was given a PBJ and on probation for 2 years ending Dec. 2010. Can I have my record expunged?
At the time my lawyer said that I could petition the court to have my records expunged once I finished my probation. He also said that I could truthfully answer on an employment application that I have never been convicted of a crime, is that true?
Unfortunately, the laws changed several years ago, and as a result, a PBJ for a DUI/DWI in Maryland cannot be expunged,...