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Can I get this DUI off of my driving record? Expunged? How can I get this driving job?
I received a DUI about 6 years ago. Due to me being young and nervous I did the breathalyzer at the station. This resulted in my lawyer getting me a continuance without a finding. I did everything that I needed complete in a timely fashion, since then I have not been in trouble for anything (or before that). Literally just this DUI. Recently I came across a driving job that I wanted and needed. Then the DUI popped its head up since its on my driving record.
It will never come off your driving record.
Will my DUI show up on my "Criminal Record"?
I'm trying to teach English in South Korea, however, something is in the way. When I was 19, (I'm 28 now), I received an OUI in Massachusetts. I was able to get a continuance without a finding, and supposedly, the case expunged from my record. However, when I recently got a copy of my Driving record, it showed up on there. My question is, should this be removed from my driving record and ALSO, if I get my Criminal Record checked, and they DON'T check my driving record, will it show up on my criminal record? Thanks, Confused in MA, Jeff
As long as you successfully completed probation, it would have been dismissed. However, that doesn't mean expunged. No...
DUI appeals
What are the chances that one could win a chem refusal appeal?
Your question provides no details whatsoever. Nobody will be able to provide you any advice of any meaning whatsoever....
DUI court
After you plead not guilty at the arraignment what's does the next court date consist of? Can the charge be negotiated or dismissed at this point? If so, can your licensed to drive be re issued if it's your first offense with no other issues?
You need to retain a criminal attorney without delay. A bad outcome can have negative effects on the rest of your life....
DUI Chemical Refusal Appeal
Does the Officer that stated you refused have to be present at the RMV when you appeal? What about if the RMV denies and you appeal to the court?
No the officer is not required to be present at your original hearing or if you appeal to the court. The only time he...
DUI First offense....
Can a good attorney possibly get a first time DUI offense dropped at a pre trial? If his client has no other history or charges?
If there is something about the case that would make it difficult for the state to make the charge, yes. If not, then...
Can i still sit for my nursing boards in ma with a prior oui/ drug cfow with no arrest 7 years ago, and cori is sealed.
Is it still possible for me to sit before the board of nursing in MA if 7 years ago I was charged with a oui/ drug charge, not arrested, cfow . I just had the cori sealed, but realized that doesn't matter when it comes to being licensed. I have no other offenses on my record .
Your CORI will be available to the licensing board if the OUI was in MA. You should ask someone at the licensing...