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Is there any way to get charges dropped or changed from a DWI?
I had not slept for around 30 hours beforehand. I was driving from Virginia to California to begin my senior year of college. I bought a Four Loko and drank it at a rest stop about 30 minutes beforehand, trying to make myself more drowsy so I would be able to fall asleep easier. However, I was too anxious to fall asleep so I decided to keep driving for a bit. The cop pulled me over and I panicked. He asked where I was headed and I said I don't know (I was pretty out of it). He asked if I had been drinking and I said no. He told me to get out of the car and he asked me again if I had been drinking. I said yes. I admitted I admitted to drinking a Four Loko at a rest stop about an hour earlier. He then performed a field sobriety test on me. However, his instructions were unclear at times and when I got it wrong, he yelled at me which made me even more nervous. At some point he searched through my car and found about about a cup of Four Loko in a McDonald's cup. He also told me that the medication he found said that alcohol should not be used with them. He asked if I thought I should be driving. I said that it might be good for me to take a break for an hour or two. He took me to the s
yes there is a way and may be possible after you work with your FREE or hired Criminal Defense Attorney who will review...
What does the Texas DWI nondisclosure law mean?
A family member had a DWI and is worried it will always be a problem with jobs or when someone does a background check. We want to see if there is a way to get it off the record.
Non Disclosure" is an order by a court, ordering that the information relating to a defendant not be disclosed to the...
How bad is my dui situation?
I am currently in the process of fighting my first dui charge. It was charged as a felony bc my teenage kids were in the car with me. It was not due to alcohol, but for medications I was taking at the time. That was in Travis county one yr ago, and wee are still fighting it. Last night, in Harris county, I was pulled over after having dinner with friends where I had 1.5 drinks around 11pm. When I was pulled over it was around 130am. They searched my vehicle and purse and found a medication bottle (non narcotic) that says don't drive while taking this med until you are aware of how it affects you. I've been on it for years so it really doesn't affect me as far as drowsiness, etc. But that pretty much sealed the deal on the arrest. They asked me to perform the sobriety testing, I started to do the walking the line thing, took about 2 steps and refused to continue. They did the nystagmus test several times however they didn't tell me the results of that. I did, stupidly, do the breathalyzer which they wouldn't tell me the results of. How very screwed am I? Also they confiscated the medication bottle, my ID, and my wallet with 300$ in it that I never got back. how bad is it?
If you had 1.5 drinks then you should be well within the limit and your attorney can work towards a dismissal. That...
What will happen on my 3rd DWI?
I just recently got my 3rd DWI in Travis county one year after completing the sober court program in Harris County for my second. I received my first one in July 2014, and sat 10 days in jail as the outcome. Shortly after I received my second for helping a friend and entered sober court. I completed sober court with no violations. Now I'm facing my third and being charged with a felony. I didn't agree to a breathalyzer, however they did to a blood test which they had a search warrant for. I'm already attending AA, installed an interlock, signed up for IOP classes and am maintaining sobriety. What are my consequences going to be if I continue attending all these things, stay sober and obtain good legal representation??
DWI 3rd is a 3rd degree felony, punishable by a fine of up to $10,000, confinement in prison from 2 to 10 years or...
Does USAA hire people with DWI's?
Hello I am working at USAA in san antonio as a contractor. Applying for a full time postion. I have a contingent offer pending background check. I have noted the dwi in background application. DWI is 17 years old. I am in technology. Please advice. Thank you.
You'll need to ask HR that question. We don't work for USAA and can't tell you what they'll do or not do. This is a...
License suspended with a DWI,But my offense was a DUI?
I got a letter saying that my alcohol level was .08 or more (DWI) but my offense was a DUI
In Texas, you are charged with DWI (driving while intoxicated) if you are an adult (over 17). If you are under 17, then...
Can I become U.S citizen with DWI record?
I had DWI 5 years ago on 5/11/2012 and I was 20 at the time. I've paid all the surcharges continually 3 years and done probation in 6 months as well as youth & drinking education program. 5 years later as today, Im wondering if I eligible to apply for citizenship. Also, I want to apply to nursing school but they asked for criminal background check by fingerprints. I received a letter that asks for details statement and court order which I have no clue how to get it. Please give me an advice! Thank you
Yes, as long as you are no longer under any type of probation and at least 5 years passed since your conviction....