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Why do I have two court dates for my DUI ?
The reason I got pulled over was because i was on my cell phone. But I have one court day for the cell phone charge and two days later I have court for the DUI. Did the police officer mess up?
Where you retain an attorney, he or she should be able to get this consolidated. Allow your attorney to review and...
Can they still arrest you after being let go for a DUI suspension?
I was driving with no lights, [this was at 2am] & I realized it was off and I turned it on. Not realizing there was a cop behind me. He followed me for two traffic lights & finally turned his blue lights on and pulled me over. He informed me on the reason why I was being pulled over, which mentioned above. Driving with no lights at night & asked me if I have been drinking. I did say yes & told him I had just one beer. He then asked me to step out of the vehicle and he was going to perform a sobriety test. Which I feel like I totally failed because I'm normally a nervous person, not because I was drunk. He did the eye light test, then the walk test, then the one foot up in the air test. Not sure if I passed he asked me to take a breathalyzer test. I was fine with it, took the test & he told me I was free to go. I was in an emotional state so I wasn't myself. Will I get charged for a dui after the fact if he let me go. He wrote down my name on the breathalyzer form I had to sign so not sure what happens next.
If he thought you were DUI, he would have arrested you at the scene, not let you drive away. Don't worry about it.
When a baby is born with drugs in their system, how long does the hospital have legally before they have to notify CPS?
My baby was born and we were told that everything was fine with her health and that she was born 100% drug free. Now after being under the impression that I'm gonna be taking her home, they are trying to tell me that she's not going home with me because she tested positive. Which I thought if the baby is born positive, they have to let parents know immediately?
Legally, there is no timetable. The hospital is a "mandatory reporter," and hospital personnel generally report...
Do I turn myself in because I have warrants for two DUI?
I have two DUI that I got several years ago. Never followed up with AA meetings or driver Ed classes. What's the best way to take care of this issue?
Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney to review and advise.
How long does DUI stay on criminal and driving record in Hawaii?
My one and only DUI which occurred in 2000.
A DUI will stay on your criminal record for Court purposes for 5 years. So if you get another DUI within 5 years of...
Got a ticket for driving while license is revoked but have a valid driver's permit?
I have a valid driver's permit issued by the state DMV, but I had gotten into an accident with no licensed driver in the vehicle. When they ran my credentials, they said my license status shows as revoked in the system. I have my clearance letters and everything showing I paid off all my fines years ago from an old DUI charge. I was pulled over a couple of years ago, and was informed by the officer that my license was showing as revoked and I should go to the courthouse nearest where I lived to ask them to correct the information in the Joint Information system. I did so, and they told me it would be taken care of. Here it is years later and the problem STILL exists, and this has also hampered me from getting a road test. So while trying to make it to work and just survive day to day, I can't help but feel as though the system is full of crap because with a valid, State-issued driver's permit in hand, I keep running into this problem. Any advice would be welcomed.
Well, the first thing I have to say is that when it comes to things like paying off fines or reinstating licenses,...
I got arrested for a DUI I pass the Sebright he failed the breathalyzer and I have acid reflux. Any way to fight it ?
I passed the sobriety test failed the breathalyzer I have acid reflux and I haven't been read my rates is there anyway I could fight this or drop it to a lesser charge
Yes there is a way you will discuss with your Criminal Defense Attorney who is skilled in the acid reflex defense.