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I was backing up in a parking lot, hit a car (no damage). Then five cops came running over, asked me to get out of the car to take a sobriety test. Passed sobriety test, then he asked how old i was. I said 20, so they took me in. I Blew a .069, which is under the legal limit but it doesn't matter because i'm a minor.... Should i still get a lawyer?!
Definitely retain counsel, as your undeveloped legal knowledge and young impressionable age will not be able to present...
I completed everything that was given to me by court to clear my DUI IN 1995, that was cleared. And In 2012 I got pulled over for operating a vehicle under influence of intoxicant. I completed all assignments and obligations of the impaired driving educational course. PLEASE IN REALLY concern AND WORRIED ABOUT MY JOB IVE BEEN WORKING FOR 13 YRS. MY QUESTION IS, "AM I GONNA GET FIRED FROM MY JOB WITH THE DOE, because of this? Please answer me. Thank you
Two years later, you're worried about losing your job? If you haven't been fired yet, why would you be fired now? Has...
let me see the results they took away machine and told me the results on paper. and i also told them that im a diabetic.
I am not sure your post asks a question. I assume you're asking whether the law enforcement officer is required to...
2. Also wondering if a person in such a predicament would be able to make bail? 3. And lastly wondering if other criminal charges (such as burglary, destruction of property, intimidation of a witness..) are treated differently (more severely) as a result of being on probation?
I don't think you can be arrested for failing a drug test for an underlying drug offense per se. But, should "...
If it us better for me to get my license could I postpone my court date?. Thank you
I am not knowledgeable of your specific jurisdiction, but most courts would look at you in a more favorable light if...
my DUI case was then dismissed can they bring that back up 2 yrs later
Depending on the statute of limitations in your state, your case will not be brought back up. Not charging someone for...
I was pulled over in hawaii for a DUI... I blew a .103. This is my first offense. No prior speeding tickets or anything. I did the walk the line, help my foot up and looked at my foot while counting till 12. But was still arrested. Do I need a lawyer!
Yes, you need a lawyer. Refer to my answer to your other post. Hope this helps.