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Will the police charge me for a DUI after the fact?
I was involved in a car accident about a week ago. Someone ran out into the middle of the road and forced me off hitting a few wooden posts. The police said in the initial report that I had slurred speech, appeared dizzy, and he could smell alcohol. No sobriety test was given. Medics took me to the hospital and drew blood. Initial police report said they requested blood be taken for alcohol and drug tests. How long does it normally take for the police to ever get those results? Will the hospital actually release the results?
You can be charged after the blood results come back. Each laboratory in each State is different. In my State for...
Can the Military legally discharge me before I have went thru my civilian court trail for a DUI I received in September?
In September I was pulled over and received a DUI, I'm active duty Military and my company issued me a GOMAR at the end of November and are saying I will be chaptered out by Christmas. Can they legally do this without me being found guilty yet?
Do police need probable cause to pull someone over
i got busted for DUI , but come to find out the reason he pulled me over was bs, i asked him why i got pulled over he said i crossed the center ( which im sure thats the reason they give when they have nothing) and when i got to the station a family friend told me someone called in at the station n said i was swirving which im sure i wasnt , but now i know they were waiting for me to drive by , they knew they were gonna pull me over before i even got there , 3 cop cars showed up immediately . so i know for a fact they were waiting for me . so is it ok now days to someone call in the station and say this guy should be pulled over and they do so
Do police need probable cause to pull someone over? No. Can someone report a drunk driver to the police and then pull...
Can you get your license back if your dui case was dismissed?
Friend arrived home (apt complex), officer approached him and did "walk line" test, which he passed, but officer said he smelt of alcohol, so he arrested him. Took him in and did blood test. Went to court, 3 times and officer did not show up, so friend's attorney asked for case to be dismissed. Friend went to get his license and they told him he can't get it until after a year from when it was taken away.
If the case was dismissed take the documents to the DMV.
How do I get my driver record cleaned from my dui and get my license back?
I am in the army and had a out of state DL. I got a dui that got dismissed with prejudice. How do I get the dui removed from my driving record and how do I get my DL back?
Hire a DUI attorney, and/or contact the DMV and ask them. I am changing category to DUI law, where you should get...
Can you be charged with DUI if you blow under?
I was stopped for having expired tags, I blew a 0.07 which is under the states 0.08 limit, I originally refused a breathalyzer on the scenes but later took one at the police station. What can they still charge me with?
They may still be able to charge with based on your driving, admissions you made to the officer, etc. I am changing...
Remove a license stopper
Arrested for DUI in 5/2012 and plead no contest on 3/2013. A bench warrant was issued 7/2015 for a no show in court. I was off island in July 2015 and was told at my last court appearance I did not need to be there if I comply with court orders. I went to alcohol classes which is all I thought was required so I did not go to the last court hearing. How do I remedy this so I can get my license?
Higher an attorney to recall the warrant and deal with the probation violation.