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  • Police chase Greyhound bus after passenger reports t...

    Saturday Jan 13 | via WZVN-TV Fort Myers 

    Several mostly Republican-leaning states are lining up to implement work or job-training requirements for certain Medicaid recipients now that the Trump administration has allowed it. President Donald Trump's use of a vulgar term describing African countries has left the small cluster of immigration hard-line groups in the U.S. scrambling to distance themselves from him.


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  • Man arrested on Greyhound bus after police chase in ...

    Saturday Jan 13 | via WAAY 

    A Greyhound bus was involved in a police chase Friday ear the Wisconsin-Illinois border following reports of an armed man on board, authorities said. The suspect, who has not been identified, claimed to have a gun and made threats to kill people Friday night as the bus was en route to Chicago from Milwaukee, the Racine County Sheriff's office said.


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Traffic accident?
ok so i was charged with an improper left turn, I was on the LIVE PD show and the person who crashed into me admitted to having a few beers, he also left the scene. not sure if he was charged with DUI. Im i still at blame for this? he was speeding at a very high speed. when i turned he was very far thats why i decided to make the turn.
Excuse my ignorance, but what is a live PD show? It is certainly possible that you could get a ticket for an improper...
What are the legal ramifications of a .069 intox breathe test.
I was sitting in my car in a parking lot. Officers came and asked me to perform road side sobriety test. I passed the eye examine, they chose not to do walking examine and asked that I do road side intox. I refused and was given the option to do the intox breathe test at the station. I did this test and scored. 069, which is below the legal limit. I was arrested for dui a2.
A BAC over .05 and under .08 is neutral. In other words, you nether proves nor disproves being under the influence....
Can I apply for citizenship if I was under Court Supervision for DUI?
I have a Green Card since 3 years ago based on marriage with an American citizen. I recieved Court Supervision for DUI and I completed it two months ago. Can I appply for Citizenship ? Would I have to wait several years before a lawyer can help me prepare for it ?
This is incredibly difficult to answer without having the court records. I would suggest that you consult with an...
Is there an attorney in Illinois who represents nurses for nursing license restoration?
My IL nursing license was put on probation somewhere between Aug 2013 ans Mar 2014 until April 2017. Although I've really had minimal restrictions, I apparently need to petition to have it taken off probation. In addition, I want it removed from my record. It has never been an issue competence or ability. I need to know how much this will cost. As it is, I have lost everything-my job, my kids, any money I had, my husband has since passed and I've lost my home. I really no longer have a permanent address and stay with my ex for periods at a time. I need help. please respond Thank you. Gina Needham
In order to answer your question, I would need to know the basis for your probation and the language actually placing...
My daughter received a ticket for underage drinking?
My daughter was in a car with a friend, she wasn't driving. They pulled up to a party to pick a friend up, while sitting in the parking lot the cops showed up to the party. One of the officers stopped their car and took their ID's. They where asking all the kids to take breathalyzers. I told my daughter not to do anything until I get there. When I arrived I refused to let her take the breathalyzer. The officer then claimed that he smelled alchohol and that he would be arresting her for suspicion of consumption of alchohol by a minor. My daughter wasn't showing any sign of intoxication (slurred speach, stumbling, throwing up, being combative etc.......). Now she has a citation and we have to go to court. In the citation the Offense Title is: CONSUMPTION OF ALCHOHOL BY A MINOR and in the description says: SUBJ. KNOWINGLY CONSUMED ALCHOHOL, BEING UNDER 21 YEARS OF AGE. My question is how can they be charging her with this when they have no proof that she was drinking? She wasn't in the house, she didn't have any alchohol in her possession and they have no breathalyzer to proof that she had alchohol in her system.
First of all, your question has nothing to do with family law so I have changed the practice area. You say that the...
Do I have a very high BAC ? It was .22 I. I also struck a fence and called the sheriff myself. First Dui. Should I hire lawyer ?
Not sure if I should work with public defender or private lawyer
Yes--you need a lawyer. If you can get a private attorney go that route. A public defender won't be able to challenge...
How severe of a punishment will i get if i violate my dui supervised supervision with picking up a felony drug possession charg?
it's been 7 months since the dui charge and i've completed eveyrhjng up to this point without failing any drug test and completing mandatory classes to this point. i was givin supervised supervision but now i picked up a felony drug possession in cook county. how severe of a action will the county i got the dui in be, can i be put in jail? i've been doing very well and been going to therapy twice a week and meetings three times a week and did outpatient and inpatient rehibilatin during the supervision case but becasue of a job near where i used to get drugs it messed with my head and picked up that new charge, i hense quit the job and have been doing better since
No one knows what the judge will do. I think the basic rule that if there is a felony or a Class A or B Misdemeanor...