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How do I request a continuance for DUI charge?
I refused breath test. I do not have an Atty will have money next week Docket signing this morning
You can ask the Court for a continuance, but do not miss a Court date. At the very least you can ask for a jury trial....
Military DUI can I fight it? And will this affect me civally or will it stay in house?
I was coming home from a friends house, when I was less than a mile from my military housing I was pulled over for "Failure to maintain lane" although there are no lanes or markers on the street in out housing. I was then taken into the station for the breathalyzer where it did not work. I was then transported to another location where that breathalyzer also did not work. Finally at the 3rd place after about 3 hours I took the breathalyzer where I blew a .14.
Are you active duty? Request your representation if base police arrested you. It will be reported to DMV and hit your...
Do I need an attorney if a drunk driver hit me fled the scene after.
I was hit by a drunk driver and he fled the scene. My insurance company found him with the tag number we got and he is telling my insurance company no accident occurred and he is not even talking to his insurance company. I have found the vehicle and even have pictures of the the damage to his vehicle.
Maybe. Depends upon whether you are considering making a claim for personal injuries, expenses, lost wages, property...
DUI in SC with out of state license
If you received a DUI in SC but have an out of state license, how do you go about getting your TARL once the license hearing has been requested and scheduled? Does the application have to be mailed to Columbia? What form do I send?
If your license is out of state, you meed to check with your other state DMV.
What will happen if you fail a drug test while on court supervision?
I need to know what could happen if I fail a drug test while under court supervision. Guess I should add this is my first offense.
You would have violated the terms of your supervision, which would result in going back to Court and facing the...
License suspended in Fla due to Dui. Completed all required except admin review board. Had to move to sc for job promotion.
I called admin review in Fla and asked this question about going to review board here in sc to get a restricted license and was told I cannot do this. If a admin review board is available in SC and Fla why am I unable to go through any review board? Is it because Florida wants that monew and will not transfer to another state for this reason? If money is not the motive what is????
Each state is sovereign. So they do not do the work of other states, and cannot transfer stuff like that.
I am on probation, I went to a bar and got to drunk. Was given a trespassing notice.do I need to tell my po. Does that violate
Already violated probation once.
We cannot say what will be a violation without seeing the terms of your probation. Should you tell? Probably, because...