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What does Implied Consent Petition accomplish while waiting for criminal hearing on 1st DWI? How do poor folks draft one?
Single parent student onMFIP, On 9/7 got 1st DWI, 3 charges Gross Misd. w/ BAC of .20+. Jail 3 days, revoked her lic., police took lic. plates off MY car. Judge let her go w/o bail & a hearing 10/29. An UNavailable public defender just sent a letter telling her to file a judicial review of lic. revoc. w/in 30 days, but he doesn't do Civil. She knows she's guilty & all handled correctly. a. How does and IC Petition help stop a DWI from staying on her driving record? What purpose will it do? c. Does the ICPetition request a judicial stay of the balance of the revocation & license plate impoundmt or temporary reinstatement? d. Is the Petition asking for a shorter revocation period or getting a limited license? e. Does Petit need to b filed w/forms CIV102 &112? What content is in the petition?
The purpose of the implied consent petition is to challenge the revocation of your license and the impoundment of your...
Mystic Lake Casino detained me for bringing alcohol into the hotel, then I was charged with DUI and test refusal by P.L cops.
Friend drives my car to Mystic Lake Casino, gets out at front entrance. I drive my car to hotel valet, get valet ticket. Get stopped by security to ask what is in my bag, show them it is alcohol. (Did not know it was a dry hotel) Security detains me in small room, 25 minutes later P.L police arrive asking to do field sobriety test. I refuse, go to to jail for 2nd * test refusal and 2nd* DUI. Car forfeited. Can Mystic Lake Casino security hold me against my will until the police arrive to charge me with a DUI? Thanks,
If you had a Blood Alcohol Content under .20, and you have no prior DWI within the last 10 years, you were charged with...
I am charged with a dwi with probable cause pending complaint . I was more that 100feet from car
What does this mean. I took the breath test but the police did not tell me what it was nor i did not do the feild test and i was never ask to give another breath test at the station
I do not practice in your state,but you need to go to www.ncdd.com(the national college for dui defense for a refferal...
Can I be found guilty of DUI if I blew a .06 at the station? Pulled over for improper turn.
Pulled over for improper turn. Blew .06 at station and still charged with DUI. Officer stated I put my foot down during one leg stand. Aside putting foot down twice I performed quite normally on the field sobriety test. Prosecutor offered Careless driving which I declined. Will any prosecutor pursue this to trial? ( or would judge even let it go to trial)? Thanks.
Yes it's possible. Even if you're under .08, the state can still try to prove that you were under the influence. Yes...
What will my dwi sentencing look like?
I was just arrested for a dwi, second degree. I was also charged with 5th degree controlled substance (is that a felony?). I already have the in home monitoring system rigged to go off every 12 hours, i will have this till at least my next court date in about a month. With no priors and a clean background, what would you think my final sentencing will be on my next court date. Is it possible they drop the substance charge? Am I facing more jail time?
Whether any charges get dismissed or what your possible sentencing might look like depends on a host of factors not the...
I executed my sentence for 1st dwi. Have time served so only have to do 34 days. What happens if i miss my turn in date?
Will i get a longer sentence? I wasnt givin enough time to get my affairs in order and need another month.
Assuming this is a misdemeanor, then the max you can get is 90 days. Do you have credit for 26 days served? Is it a...
What happens with a second citation for driving alone with a learners permit?
I am 36 years old and have an international drivers license. I have a learners permit but have not done the behind the wheel test yet. I got stopped for a second time and cited for driving alone; what will happen? Can I still get a drivers license?
You may want to learn what is the maximum possible criminal penalty you face. Generally, criminal penalties may...