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I was arrested for 3rd degree DWI. Blew .014 on the road. Then I blew .077 and .01 at the station. It is a 3rd degree because I got a DWI in 03 (2nd offense). I was 12 days from hitting the 10 yr look back. I am employed, I have an assessment stating I don't need treatment; I am being transferred to an overseas assignment in August for a minimum of 18-24 months. I have been attending AA since the arrest 3 months ago. I am from out of state. I think I should be a good candidate for leniency. What kind of deal should I be asking for? Is the state ever relaxed on the 10 yr look-back?
First of all, you need to sit down with an experienced DWI attorney in your area to discuss these technical questions....
My husband got a DWI and we both had to get whiskey plates on our vehicles. My vehicle wasn't the one he got pulled over in, so why should I have the plates too? Only because he is on the title...but he doesn't operate my vehicle. It's been 3 months with these plates and its now affecting my job. I need these plates off now.
There's a great discussion of whiskey plates and what to do about them at this MN lawyer's website: http://www....
i lost my job a month and half before i got the sentence and was unemployed for 4 months and my new job doesnt really pay the bills then i was injured twice that put me out of work for a few weeks each time and asked for an extension on my date and was granted 60 days and still couldnt afford it cause i was injured again, and got this letter..with a week to prepare
Have you had your first probation violation hearing. If not, go in and enter a denial to the violation. This will get...
Friend drives my car to Mystic Lake Casino, gets out at front entrance. I drive my car to hotel valet, get valet ticket. Get stopped by security to ask what is in my bag, show them it is alcohol. (Did not know it was a dry hotel) Security detains me in small room, 25 minutes later P.L police arrive asking to do field sobriety test. I refuse, go to to jail for 2nd * test refusal and 2nd* DUI. Car forfeited. Can Mystic Lake Casino security hold me against my will until the police arrive to charge me with a DUI? Thanks,
If you had a Blood Alcohol Content under .20, and you have no prior DWI within the last 10 years, you were charged with...
i was arrested for a DWI and i told the officer i was not driving that someone else drove my car but the probable cause for me being arrested was that my girlfriend called the police and said i drove away but she just assumed that i drove cause i was gone. i was 30 feet away from my car and waiting for the guy that drove to come back this would be 4 dwi s within 10 years for me and i really don't wanna just take ah deal cause i truly was not driving the car
you need an attorney. would the guy who drove be willing to testify that he drove? if yes, then you may be able to win.
What does this mean. I took the breath test but the police did not tell me what it was nor i did not do the feild test and i was never ask to give another breath test at the station
I do not practice in your state,but you need to go to www.ncdd.com(the national college for dui defense for a refferal...
My husband got a DWI driving his car, but because my car's title is also in his name, they want to give me "Whiskey plates" as well. Is there a way to change my title to just my name? Maybe have him sign a document saying he wont drive my car?
This a very frustrating part of the DWI law. My advice is to contact a DWI attorney to go over your options in more detail.