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What are the laws for dwi with child passenger under 15 X 2 in Texas?
What amount of alcohol (BAC percentage) is considered illegal and also what if there were therapeutic amounts of prescription medicines (Diazapam and Hydrocodone) in your system? My BAC was .03 and the other prescribed meds were verified to be within therapuetic levels. Will this still be a felony and what will happen since I had 2 children in the car? (ages 14 and 11)
The following lays it out, but get a local criminal lawyer on deck now as it's serious http://www.dmv.org/tx-texas/...
Do I need a Texas State Board of Nursing Attorney or a DWI Attorney?
I got a DWI with child passenger under 15 X2 in 2009. The toxicology report shows therapeutic amounts of hydrocodone as well as Xanax in my system.(both prescribed) The alcohol analysis showed a BAC of .03 but I still got a felony because the kids were in the car. I am trying to apply to take the NCLEX to get my nursing license. The declaratory order asked me to disclose as well as provide disposition and discharge from probation. They are not asking for the tox report or the alcohol analysis. My disposition only shows a DWI. I want to show them that I had very low levels of both prescriptions and alcohol in my system by showing them the report. Would I have to show them both reports since they are separate or should I not provide them either report. They never asked for them.
You might want to discuss this matter with an attorney who regularly appears before the Nursing licensing board (a DWI...
Will there be a way to resolve without jail time?
My dad got a DWI in Augusta County, VA in Sept. 2013. In Oct 2013, we moved to Texas (where we still reside). His trial was Feb 27th of last year. The judge gave him 1 year in jail - suspended, ASAP, and the ignition interlock. My dad paid his fines and went to his court date in Texas. The Texas judge ordered that he go to four AA meetings and that's it. He has documentation of this. Virginia now has a capias out for his arrest for Failing to Comply with ASAP. He had no knowledge of this because they sent the papers to the wrong address, twice. We just became aware of this. We're more than willing to resolve this any way we can. My dad is not in good health and needs constant care. He has documentation of this also. Do you think Virginia would be willing to resolve without jail time?
You need to hire an experienced DWI attorney because without more facts and details I don't think any lawyer can...
I live in Mississippi. I was just convicted of DUI in Texas and now probation is telling me I can't leave to go to my home.
hello I was in Texas (I was living there at the time but my husband died unexpectedly and I had to be close to family so moved to Mississippi in July) last year got a dui and yesterday I took the plea. The judge said I could leave and go back to my residence in Mississippi, I go to the probation office and they tell me I can't leave the state until I get permission. I told the Probation officer the judge said I could leave and she says "it doesn't matter what the judge says, you can't leave until Austin approves transfer" is this true? I thought the judge dictated the terms of probation and the probation just monitored I am doing what I was told to do. My lawyer told me to go back home
I would discuss this with the lawyer who represented you. Yes, the judge dictates the terms and probation monitors, but...
How much time can you get for a MTR for 1st dwi. In Texas?
My boyfriend is currently locked up in Gatesville tx he went for a probation revoke for his 2nd dwi. Well when he went he was still going to court about his first charge of MTR for mclennan county. He has been in jail since August 5th and his sentence for Gatesville will be up on December 13 th. But he has a hold on him from mclennan county do you think he should try to bond out on that charge?
You can receive up to 180 days in jail and a $2000 fine
Can ur parole get revoked wit mistametor dwi wen u only have a month left on parole
Have a month of parole left got pulled over & got class a dwi will I get off parole or have 2 start over &go back what happens after ddischarge date
Yes, your parole can get revoked due to a DUI. Get a lawyer.
What if i refused both breathalyzer an field test?
What happens if i refused both breathalyzer an field test? Or if i just took the field test but not breathalyzer? I was put in jail for dwi an waiting on a court date
You case would be what is commonly referred to in DWI defense circles as a total refusal. The burden of proof is...