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hello I was in Texas (I was living there at the time but my husband died unexpectedly and I had to be close to family so moved to Mississippi in July) last year got a dui and yesterday I took the plea. The judge said I could leave and go back to my residence in Mississippi, I go to the probation office and they tell me I can't leave the state until I get permission. I told the Probation officer the judge said I could leave and she says "it doesn't matter what the judge says, you can't leave until Austin approves transfer" is this true? I thought the judge dictated the terms of probation and the probation just monitored I am doing what I was told to do. My lawyer told me to go back home
I would discuss this with the lawyer who represented you. Yes, the judge dictates the terms and probation monitors, but...
My boyfriend is currently locked up in Gatesville tx he went for a probation revoke for his 2nd dwi. Well when he went he was still going to court about his first charge of MTR for mclennan county. He has been in jail since August 5th and his sentence for Gatesville will be up on December 13 th. But he has a hold on him from mclennan county do you think he should try to bond out on that charge?
You can receive up to 180 days in jail and a $2000 fine
Have a month of parole left got pulled over & got class a dwi will I get off parole or have 2 start over &go back what happens after ddischarge date
Yes, your parole can get revoked due to a DUI. Get a lawyer.
What happens if i refused both breathalyzer an field test? Or if i just took the field test but not breathalyzer? I was put in jail for dwi an waiting on a court date
You case would be what is commonly referred to in DWI defense circles as a total refusal. The burden of proof is...
So at the jail I was given the Statutory Warning and it was read out loud to me. The paper says "You will be asked to give a specimen of your breath and/or blood." After it was read to me the officer asked "May I take a breath specimen?" I said "No." Then he walked away, and I was taken back to booking. I was dumbfounded because I thought I would get the option of a blood specimen. After several minutes the officer told me he got a warrant. I kept asking the cop why he hadn't given me the option of blood before a warrant was issued. He wouldn't respond. Also he checked "Subject refused to allow taking of a specimen and refused to sign below as requested by this officer" I was NEVER asked so sign anything! Is this right? I mean if I knew breath was my only option I would have said yes!
Yes. That is all correct. The officer gets to choose what type of speciment to ask for. He is supposed to ask you to...
I was arrested in 2010/convicted in 2011 of a Class B Theft charge in Waco, TX. I was sentenced to probation, was released early, and my P.O. told me I could have it sealed with the petition process. I kept putting off the petitions process and then I was arrested/convicted of a DWI in Travis County last year (2013). Can I still get the Theft charge sealed? It is keeping me from almost every job opportunity in business now that I've graduated college. I need that theft off of there.
You say you were convicted of the theft - if you got straight probation then you are not eligible. My guess is you got...
My husband is now in jail in a different county waiting to be sent to TDC (sentenced to shock probation on a different case). He has no lawyer for this DWI case, but I spoke with the DA & he is willing to file the necessary paperwork for my husband to get the DWI case ran concurrent with the case in the other county that he has already been sentenced for. Today while in county lockup my husband was told that he has a bench warrant for McLennan county (the DWI county). Does this mean that the DA held his word and filed the paperwork for the shock probation and should I still consider getting a lawyer anyway just to be safe? How can I find out what the bench warrant is actually for?
You ALWAYS want a lawyer on any offense that can land you in jail or prison, no matter what and no matter how much it...