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Can a RI DUI be used against you in CT?
My husband got a DUI in RI with a CT drivers license. His permission to drive in RI was revoked for a year. He just got his first DUI in CT. Will his RI dui be used against him and this actually be considered an additional DUI in CT or will it be considered first offense?
Depends what he plead to. Contact a local DUI attorney for a free consultation.
How long can the police wait to charge you with a dui in ct
I crashed my car in May I went to the hospital by ambulance my bac was over the limit no One else involved in crash. I have not been arrested yet how long can they take to arrest me for dui
If it's your very first dui ever or your 2nd , both Misdemeanors, one year from the date of the incident
My case was dismissed today but on the Web site says awaiting dispostion when it said dispostion before
I got blamed for someone else is action I completed a drug program and did community service
The dismissal probably hasn't been entered into the website yet. Try again the next day. If it's still there after a...
I was convicted of a DWI fourteen years ago, and a misdemeanor almost twenty years ago. Why can't I find any record of it?
I'm applying for my concealed weapons permit in CT. I know they ask about criminal history. I don't remember exact dates of my arrest or even the charge. Maybe breach of peace. Maybe disorderly conduct. Where can I get a full background report. State police says that they are destroyed after ten years. Please help.
If a full background check is done through the NCIC federal data base it will be there. You cannot access the NCIC
Do I have a case if for years you do routine testing and are told that the results are ok but looking at your previous results .
My health insurance carrier provide all Dr. appointment, test done, prescriptions etc. It show what the results are and what they should be and it looks to me that the condition has been present for years when I've had the test done repeated over time and was told everything is fine. Eventually I think it WILL be life threatening when measures could have been taken to prevent.
I'm not sure this has anything to do with driving under the influence - sounds more like you are asking whether a...
DUI - first DUI did AEP now arrested second DUI but I wAs not drunk - town Waterford - Waterford pd --- blew 0.06 -- clark lane
Set the scene. November 28. -- 6pm 30 degrees outside --side of busy road- I had just left a friend needing a ride involved in a disturbance. Some guy tryattack me. So I left immediately, They called in my plate number. I was pulled over told the entire story from my perspective. Did the field sobriety test and failed told the officer I had foot ball injury in my knee. Was arrrested and charged with OUI. I submit to breathlizer. First run 0.0606 -Second run 0.0644 that's well below the legal limit. I told the office I had a margarita during dinner around 3. After my first DUI I would never drink anything over two drinks tops If I had to drive and I was arrested anyways. So I'm extremely FUSTRATED. I would like to sue the PD for wrongful arrest. Here's the kicker my Asthma medication was in my car. That was towed and locked unable to retrieve. I suffered a massive asthma attack that almost left me dead gasping for air being sufficated from the inside not able to get to my inhaler during the middle of the night. So I just was relased from the hospital. Relased from prison at 11pm . Arrested at 6am. Breathlized at 7. Kept for 4 hours. I'm dissapointed in the system.Thank you
How long was this arrest after your previous DWI. I would need to check on your probation, but I believe that the legal...
On probation with health problems who had a cardiac cathteration and they used valium and I test postive on urine test
On 11/22/16 I had a cardiac cathteration surgery performed they used versed fentanyl benadryl and valium all benzodiazepines. Never took these drugs in my lifetime. Probation did a drug test 12/7/16 and today I was told i tested positive for benzodiazepines. What can I do to prove my innocence
Obtain a copy of the anesthesia report, it will show what dugs and in what quantity were employed. Have probation...