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When does the I.I.d restriction period begin? I.e the conviction date
I got a dui july 2, 2012 in sacramento ca my violation was 23152 (b) first offender. I was ordered by dmv to install an I.I.D for 5month and my license suspended for 6mont (February 2, 2013 their specified date not mine) Its been 6months now the suspension will be removed tomorrow and I havent drove since the dui so I havent installed the I.I.D but i completed all classes and payed up on all my fines. Will I get my license back with no restrictions and not have to install the I.I.D??
You need to read over the order very carefully, but I think you will discover that the IID installation was to begin...
Convicted of wet and reckless. Interested in Lineman school, class A license part of program. Am I eligible for a class A?
convicted of wet and reckless. Interested in Lineman school, class A license part of program. Am I eligible for a class A?
A single conviction of this sort will not be a per se disqualifying factor in your license effort.The significance and...
Outstanding DUI warrant
If someone has an outstanding DUI FTA warrant in Arizona but now lives in California is that subject to extradition?
I am assuming that this is a misdemeanor DUI offense in Arizona. Typically the police have larger fish to fry then a...
Could I get a DUI if I admit I was drunk alone a case
My ex hit my car one night and he is being charged with assualt with a deadly weapon forced gbi. If I admit I was drunk the night it happened. Could I get in trouble and get a DUI?
First of all, why would you want to admit any such thing. Secondly, you should consult, privately, with an attorney...
How much time will I spend in jail for a dui?
Charged with a dui & speeding they also caught me on video.
Under the law, the max for a first time DUI is six month. Whether you get any jail at all will depend on the facts of...
Can I get my dui off DMV if the DA drops my case?
I was arrested in September of 2015 in California. A year went by and all the da kept saying is they needed more info from CHP. I recently got a notification in the mail that said CHP is no longer looking at my case. I'm trying to pick up the pieces now, because I am a driver by profession. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
Did the DMV suspend your license?
In California if you have a prior DUI will you get another DUI just for being a passenger in the car with someone who gets a DUI
Someone told me since I have a dui if I get pulled over in California while I'm drunk in the passengers seat that I will get another dui if they get pulled over for a dui
"Someone" is wrong. One of the essential elements of a DUI is driving. If you're not driving, you cannot be DUI. If...