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Personal ID and or registration of a vehicle with outstanding warrant for DUI?
Will the South Dakota DMV alert law enforcement if one applies for a state ID or either want to register a vehicle with an outstanding warrant for DUI?
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I got my 3rd dui. But I was given a sentence in two states?
I received my 3rd dui 4 years ago in South Dakota where I was living for 3 years but haven't switched my ID. My first 2 dui's were in Minnesota where I had my license. I was given to sentences for this. South Dakota revoked my license for a year and some suspended jail time. Minnesota gave me all sorts of fines 3 years no license and 3 years of the driver inerterlock program. I've done everything but the interlock program. Is there anyway I can not do that. I don't know if it's legal that I got 2 different sentences for one crime.
Since the state of Minnesota issued you a driver's license, their administrative rules apply to your license and you....
Can a dismissed dui arrest be used against me if I am arrested for a 2nd offense?
My first dui was dismissed when I plead guilty to 3 other lessor offenses. Can that be used against me at sentencing for my 2nd offence.
If your first DUI Was dismissed, then you should not be charged with a second offense this time around. It should be...
Can my ex who is on 24/7, 2nd DUI, get custody of my newborn?
I'm so scared he is going to win this custody battle. He is on his second DUI charge Blows 24/7 for a year Has only a work license Kicked me out of the apartment at 30 weeks Has a drug abuse past And also has tried to commit suicide. (Proof of his arm!!! 3 times) He switches girlfriends within weeks of a relationship Also has a child in a different state he has nothing to do with! Refuses to help. Doesn't pay a dime.
Is he the biological father? If so, he may have a claim to legal custody of child. You should contact a local family...
Will I go to jail for my first dui....drug possession possible class 5 felony....
Chamberlain, SD warrant issued 2015 no related or other convictIons... basically they pulled me over for speeding then smelled pot so they did field sobriety tests on me obviously failed then went to jail on dui charge released in a.m. And haven't returned for court date so an warrant got issued... what's my outcome looking like? Jail time? Fines? License revocation? My first dui in SD.
The question poses many questions. It's hard to give concrete legal advice without more facts. Based upon your...
Can I get a passport with a felony dui?
I got a felony dui about 15 years ago and am wondering if I will get denied for a passport to cancun
I don't believe that a felony conviction is a per se bar to applying for a U.S. passport. The real issue is whether...
Can you be charged 1 year later for a DUI after an ATV accident in South Dakota?
My brother was in a serious ATV ( 4 wheeler) accident and was taken to hospital for injuries. He was hospitalized over night. Head injury and needed surgery on shoulder. This accident happened Labor Day 2016. He just now( 1 year later) got served for a DUI from that Labor Day accident in 2016.
Unfortunately, the answer is yes. The State is not required to bring charges against your brother immediately for DUI....