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How do I get my vehicle back?
My car was impounded because of it being driven by someone with a suspended license. Not myself (whom I am licensed) I did authorize the person to drive my vehicle but was not aware he had a suspended license pending reinstatement. How can I get my vehicle out of impound?
You need to immediately call the police agency that had it towed and request a hearing. At the hearing you need to...
I blew a .11 about 3 hours after drinking, roughly 30 minutes after I took a blood test. Will that test come back lower?
The delay between test was due to the sobriety tests.
It's virtually impossible to predict.
What do you do about an arrest warrant? Should I go to court and try to handle it there? Or do I NEED an attorney?
The warrant is due to my inability to enroll into my DUI class due to financial hardship. I put it off too long and now they issues an arrest warrant. I was supposed to enroll before 3-13-15.
NEED an attorney? It is much easier and the prospect of custody is minimal if you go this route. Otherwise, go to...
My brother got a DUI on New Years of 2014-15 and has not enrolled in the proper classes yet. Can he get in serious trouble?
First offense. 0.14 BAC No accident.
If he is driving without a license he can end up in jail.
I wasn't mirandized when i was arrested for a dui, can I get my case thrown out?
aren't they supposed to read you your rights
Berkemer v. McCarty, 468 U.S. 420. The issue is whether you were in custody. You need to consult with attorneys here...
Me: USborn want to marry finace of 3yrs from Mexico (jumped border w/o papers 9 years ago). He had DUI 7yrs ago in AZ or TX.
We've lived together in CA 3yrs. He: no deport/arrest xcept DUI. He has Matricula from Mex.Embassy. If an attorney’s search cannot find any record of his presence here, should we wed in Mexico and obtain legal status for him automatically? He has been employed most 9yrs. I don’t know if emplyrs asked for s.s.# for taxes & I9. Maybe occasional health clinic visit but never collected federal benefits or tax refunds. He is divorced, has a biological son in Mexico cared for by my fiance's mother and sometimes by the biological mother, all in Mex. I depend on my fiance for many daily tasks because I have moderate, almost severe, degenerating COPD. Never before sponsored, petitioned or applied 4 residency. Thanks!
Wedding in Mexico will not get your fiance legal status automatically. You are in a complicated situation which you...
I'm thinkin of going to court Friday where I had my DUI case and ask the judge to take my fine
Out of collections so I can obtain my license again I'm just confused on how to do that will I be able to see te judge that day ,how do I go about this ?
It depends on the courthouse. Many no longer allow walk-ins. You can call the clerk to find out.