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2nd OWI offense/Being marked as a refusal.
Officer #1. The intoximeter test had already been started he informed officer 2 that the informing accused needed to be read, he read it and I refused to answer if I would submit. Officer#2. I gave a breath sample during the Intoximeter test, the other officer came back and said he didn't read the Informing the Accused had not been read. They then read it to me. Shouldn't they have read it to me first? They said if I refused it everything would be easier in the long run. So I didn't answer, I didn't know what to say. They marked me as a refusal. I did research -because they never gave me my id back- and they never told me if I was a refusal I lose my license for a year. They also stated I sat on the curb before the arrest and wouldn't get up. My two friends saw me get right into the car
Based upon the facts posted, you may have a defense to the refusal, IF you requested a hearing in a timely manner. Don'...
Underage Drinking. DUIs
I was driving to a gas station,and then I came out and a cop was next to my car. She must've known that I drove to the gas station. She tested me knew I was intoxicated. My ticket was $240, but she didn't charge me with a DUI. Does that mean I got lucky?! Will she bring it up during my court date that I was driving?
Were you only cited, and not arrested? If you were not arrested, and she let you drive away, then she must not have...
Can i get an underage dropped if i wasn't breathalyzed?
Hi, I just got an underage last weekend in Wisconsin and was wondering what my options were. Here's the details: I was outside my house around 8:30 still light out, and i was just talking to my friend when two cops were walking down the alley and saw a beer bottle in my hand. One stopped and cited me and my friend for underage drinking. However, the cop stated that he didnt right down that i had a bottle and he didn't breathalize either of us. He also said something about a "watch" going on in the neighborhood so he had to give us an underage. I was wondering if there was any possibility of me fighting this charge, i never admitted to drinking either although it was my first beer im almost 20 years old and, turn 21 in 4 months
If there is no hard evidence (e.g. you weren't breathalyzed or given any sobriety tests), you should fight the citation.
Can i get out of this underage?
So i had a bonfire at my house. The cops came and gave a few people underages, i ran and wasnt seen. Two days later, i recieved court days one for underage and other for possession of drug parafenilia. For the underage i want to get out of it cuz its 456 bucks! which is really high priced if you ask me. If they never breathalyzed me, or seen me for that fact i dont see how i got it. My friends said they didnt rat me out, and if they did i dont believe they can go off hear say. Yes it was my house, but my brother threw the bonfire. The drug parafanilia some of my pipes were found in my friends purse and well if it wasnt in my purse with my indentification how did i get a ticket. Once again, Hear say? idk wut to do. Not guilty???? HELP.
Hearsay is an out-of-court statement offered in court to prove the truth. Here's an example. If a police officer...
Possible to beat DUI case in Wisconsin for having THC in system?
I recently got my 3rd DUI, The first 2 were alcohol. After I had the 2nd one I quit drinking all together and cept myself out of trouble for awhile. I was pulled over, I did not it was possible to get a DUI while under the influence of weed. I was so shaken up at the time I just wanted to clear my name. I did not feel the affects of the weed I have smoked prior that day. After the results came back I was 1 pt over what I guess they say in the legal limit? Is there any way to beat this case, or to not serve anytime jail time?
Get an attorney to review your case; however, any active delta 9 from THC in your system is enough for an OWI.
I was pull over by police i was very drunk and my girlfriend said that i was yell at him and he let me go and i hit a pole
I dont remember anything my girlfriend has told me this and she talk to a office that said she should talk to a Ltd.
I'm afraid I'm not sure what your question is. If you are just sharing a story, online is not a good place to do it. If...
3 dui's from 1998-NM 2000-AZ 2002-MI Paid all fines and attended all classes.
I cant get a license in Michigan, been in Wisconsin for 8 yrs now. Can I get a Wisconsin Drivers License?
If you can't get a license in MI, you can't get a license in WI. If you were required to get an alcohol assessment in...