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My daughter got a DUI. Her license has been revoked. I'm a DAV with mobility problems. Can she can a restricted license?
I'm a disabled veteran. My 29 year old daughter lives with me. She does the shopping and just got a Job. Is there any way she can get a limited license that won't cost a lot? I can drive her sometimes, but like right now I'm in a Lupus flare and can't. This is her first DWI. She's being charged with a gross misdemeanor.
Did she refuse testing or test .16 or higher?
My ignition interlock read a failed reading but i had not been drinking at all, now the DPS cancelled my license,
I have had an interlock for arox. 30 months.., i also have an employee exemption that allows me to drive my company truck for work with no interlock I have never once had a false positive or issue Last sunday at around 12:30 I blew into my interlock and it failed..I called them interlock imediatly and they said try again... try again.... fail... they told me to go get some water etc.. try again... the whole time i am on the phone with them asking what to do, etc.. should i go to the hospital for a test? as i had not been drinking at all.. Well, I long story short at 1:26 it said i passed the test, I went imediately to the hospital and requested a blood test for achohol.., which came back as .00( i have the labwork copy) .. I called DPS on monday to report what had happened and ask if i need to do anything.. they said dont worry about it unless you hear from us.. Well saturday i got a notice that as of today they cancelled my license( failed test .037@ 12.22)... I have to be able to drive for work.. I dont know what caused this but I was not Drinking.. Should I Go to DPS Imediately with labwork etc. to try and speak with an evaluator to appeal this? DPS is about 4 hrs away..
I would call a lawyer and make sure you get a copy of all the paperwork to them immediately. The possibility that you...
Can a DPS administrative review be taken to a jury trial
The Minnesota DPS has charged me with an interlock program violation of " fewer than thirty initial tests in a month" I asked for a review and sent a letter explaining that I have a limited license with an employee exemption.. I drive my company issued work vehicle for to and from work and for work.. I do not drive my vehicle with my interlock because I can't drive two vehicles at the same time to work. I am a construction Forman and estimator so I have to take my work vehicle to work.. I am not legally allowed to drive other than for work.. So I don't drive my vehicle with my interlock .. Long story short I apparently was one initial start short of 30 so they sustained the initial violation and have extended my revocation period . Can I apeal this decision and request a jury trial?
Not a jury trial, no. However, you may be able to petition for judicial review. Talk privately with a DWI lawyer to...
Can officers tell which of your vehicles have ignition interlock devices by scanning a license plate
I was convicted of DWI and installed a Ignition interlock in one of my vehicles( I have four vehicles). I also have an employee exemption that allows me to drive my company vehicles without interlock as long as I am working. My question is can My fiancé drive one of my other vehicles without being pulled over all the time and officers searching for an interlock device or do they already know which trucks have them installed.
Yes. If they run your plate number it will give them that information.
I was pulled over for dwi, but not given a urine test until 2.5 hrs later. is that to late for a urine test?
The Officer also used two different urine test kits, the sample cup from one and the paperwork from another, Seems to me like a urine sample kit without matching numbers could pose as a problem as acceptable evidence.
These two issues may be very significant in your case. The tests are supposed to be taken within two hours. The state...
Do the steps set by Minnesota BCA in there urine collection procedures have to be followed exactly?
I was ticketed for dwi in Mn. After reading police report and doing some research, I noticed that the officer did not perform the urine collection steps in order, and do all of them in front of me like BCA suggests in its step by step urine collection procedure. BCA states steps 1-7 be performed in full view of suspect and witness. this did not happen this way and he did steps out of order as well. He did step six first, while I was in another room on the phone, then three, then two etc. This info I gathered from the police report he wrote. Can this urine test be challenged or thrown out on these grounds?
Hard to say. Any error or deviation from the standard protocol would have to affect the reliability of the test...
Passed breath alyzer and still was ticketed a dui
I was pulled over for jumping a red light.The officer took my liscense and pulled me out of the vehicle and i did a breath alyzer which i passed i could see the zeros on the machine.From there he brought me to the cop shop for a field sobriety test.I passed that then he brought me to the hospital for blood test and are awaiting the test.Why was i charged when i wasn't even guilty i had the flu and told him I was taking flu medicine so now it will come up as a false posssitive but i was ticketed and my personal belongings were never returned that he took off of me.I felt like he was determined to get notch under his belt.Now they won't give me copy's of the police report till after the court hearing i will be found guilty if i don"t know what i'm up against.
More will be known once the blood test comes back, under the circumstances that you describe, the police and...