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I missed a court date and was charged 'Failure to appear' but the hearing information dates for 04/10/2017.
It stemmed from a DUI first offense and refusal to blow first offense, but since I refused a blood test at the station the officer added another charge which was 'DUI w/Child first offense. I was in the military and on deployment at the time of my court date. But when i checked my information for me to turn my self in and continue the case i realized my hearing information was wrong. Does that hinder with my charge of 'Failure to Appear'?
With a failure to appear, you can bring up any circumstances that explain what happened. I have seen that judges are...
What happens if I violate my IID ,for the second time, After my probation has ended?
I got my IID installed 2months before my probation ended so now I am on IID supervision with ASAP but technically not on probation anymore through the courts.
I don't understand your question. You should go back to your original lawyer who will have the details of your case...
Does the "to/from ASAP meetings" stay on the license for a full year even ASAP was competed 7 months ago? VA.
I am 12 weeks away from finishing a 1 year license restriction, I received a letter from DMV stating I need to enroll or get an extension on my restriction or I will not be eligible to receive my license back. I completed ASAP, 10 week program from 7/30-10/1. Does the "to/from ASAP meetings" mandatory to stay on the license for 1 year, whether or not it was completed earlier during the 1 year term and the letter was just a general reminder to all the people that are required to go to attend ASAP?
You were placed on a restricted license for a one year period of one year. Your restrictions continue for that period....
Is hardship license after DUI recognized in other states?
I have a Florida Drivers license and I was arrested for DUI in Florida. I received a hardship license to travel to and from work. My work requires me to travel frequently between Virginia and Florida. Will my hardship license be recognized by Virginia?
Does the license say you can drive out of Florida? I am not aware of any authority for Florida to grant you permission...
Will I go to jail for a first offense driving on a suspended license?
I have 2 prior offenses for driving without a license and due to inability to pay off fines my license was suspended by DMV and I was given a third ticket after driving again this time for driving on a suspended lisence. I have a public defender but I have not been able to speak with him because he is near impossible to get a hold of. I am a mother of 2 children and 8 months pregnant with my third. Due to finding out my husband is married to another woman and having to find a new ace to live and basically starting my entire life over as a single mother while being unemployed I have not been able to pay fines or get my license reinstated and I need to avoid jail at all costs as there is no one to take care of my children except myself. Any advice would be helpful at this point I am desperat
Yes, you might be sentenced to jail for this offense. If you are found guilty that means it was proven that you knew...
What are the likely scenarios that could happen?
Apparently my fiance is not very honest with me. He was arrested a few nights ago. Originally pulled over for speeding, he is now charged with his first DWI but apparently this is his 5th time driving on a suspended license.. he had a defense lawyer but i would like to know how much jail time he could face and fines?
Fifth diving suspended comes with mandatory jail time, could go up to a year and $2500 fine. Depends on if he had prior...
I have a question about my driver license from a charge back in 2001 in stat of virginia
i have a charge in 2001 thats says when i restate my liscense it be suspended for 6months wellits 2015 and i restated it and its suspended but my question is thats over 14 yrs ago can there be anything done about that as i went 14 yrs with a liscense
Any attorney or other person would need to look at all of the court orders and documents before answering this question....