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MDDP - Driving for work
I have sent the money orders for my mddp around 2 weeks ago and still have not received it. I have just acquired a job however that i will need to drive their vehicles for work(EMS/Ambulances). What shall i do to add this to the MDDP? If i dont get this cleared up soon i will lose this job and the DMV BAiid office is always out and does return voice messages.
The best way that I'm aware of to get a work exemption for your MDDP is to have it done by the judge. There is a spot...
I got a dui may 26th 2014. Along with other charges. I then got charged with two counts of dui august 18th 2014.
May (DUI illegal consumption illegal transportation speeding failure to reduce brights) went to court and they dropped all but dui and consumption. In June I got 3 city ordinance of illegal consumption improper lane usage and transportation. August 18 (dui a and dui b illegal transportation illegal consumption driving while suspended speeding improper lane usage fleeing/eluding police and was arrested on a warrant) bonded out after 2 days for my first before charged with second I was offered to do rehabilitation and 6 months court supervision. I am praying I don't have to serve time but I was charged with so much. What am I looking at? How can I minimize what I get?
You are facing the revocation of your driving privileges and several class A misdemeanors, each of which carries the...
I got a DUI 15 years ago and received my second this past month, I am curious to know if my 2nd DUI will be considered my 1st.
In Illinois is my 2nd DUI considered my 1st if there is a 15 year time between them?
It depends on why you are asking. You are not eligible for supervision. If you are convicted of DUI throughout the...
I received a sentence of periodic imprisonment ten days in jail for a third Dui.
The judge wrote it on my court papers my lawyer said I could do weekends or work release. Now all of a sudden my lawyer says I have to do s straight ten days and that periodicaly means consecutive and is being kind of rude about it. And wont give me a reason.Is there anything I can do? I will lose myjob if I do ten straight days.
Find out from your lawyer why there has been a change. The judge may have had a change of heart. If you have 2 weeks...
Why do I qualifiy for a BAIID machine?
I got a DUI in Oct. of '07 when I ran my truck into a telephone pole. My DUI was for cocaine. The police report stated I smelled like alcohol but they did not breathalyze me nor did they check for alcohol when they ran my blood. I had 5 beers that evening between 5-7PM and the wreck occurred at 2:30 AM. I'm confused as to why I even qualify for a BAIID machine. It doesn't seem like this punishment fits my crime. Thank you.
When a driver loses his license due to summary suspension, if he is a first offender (i.e., no prior summary...
19 yr old blew .128 got zero tolerance and improper lane usage. Will this be considered a underage DUI.
My 19yr old put her car in a ditch and called 911. When the officer arrived he asked her if she had been drinking she said yes and submitted to a field sobriety test that she passed then was asked to take a breathalyzer. She blew .128. She was given a improper lane usage ticket and a non traffic complaint and notice to appear which wil be at our county courthouse. She also received a zero tolerance warning to motorist under 21 and a zero tolerance sworn report which we were told we would have to go to springfield to court. Will she pay fines in county and again at state and will she be charged with a DUI. This is her first offence.
They may or may not charge DUI> Some cops give them a break. I have also had more than one cop say (wrongly) you...
How did i get a dui if i wasnt driving and was in pasenger seat
A female was driving my car i was in passanger seat and was charged with dui.
You can be charged with DUI either because you were driving or you were in physical control of the vehicle. Physical...