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Can I be charged by a employer for my drug test. The drug test came back clean.but I quit job after week and a half
Drug testing
Your employer can charge you and you not pay all depends on the employee and employer relationship.
How is this a fair ruling?
My ex accused me of having a drug and alcohol problem. I've never done drugs, and I rarely drink alcohol. At most, I'll drink a glass of wine, or a beer, when I'm out with friends. I have absolutely no record of abusing drugs or alcohol. But the judge ruled that I get a 10 panel hair follicle and urine test, a PETH test, a SASSI test, and a medical/psychological evaluation (all at my cost)... Before I go back to court. I'm not one to disrespect a judge and question their rulings. But this just doesn't seem fair at all. Part of me wants to fight it because it feels like that's not fair or right. But the other part says to just do it and get it over with, so my case moves along faster. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
You do not mention why you are in court. From the fact that it involves your ex and allegations of substance abuse, it...
Can I still be charged with a DUI?
What shoud i do if I was involved in an auto accident in which I slid of the road when missing a turn in Louisiana visiting family...noone else was involved....I had a few beers before the accident so the responding officer asked me to perform tests which I declined...I had been shaken up because my car rolled completely over....I was taken to the er but was never booked and was given a ticket that only shows failure to control my vehicle. ..after medical treatment I was released from the hospital and allowed to go home and was told I'd be notified of a court date...he also confiscated my license / ID....what should I expect and can I still be charged with DUI with no booking...I have no tickets whatsoever on my license. .
Probably not, but you need to hire a private criminal defense attorney.
What is done before cps closes a drug case?
Already had hair follicle done at the beginning
It would depend on what the District Attorney's office offered to you through pretrial diversion program or maybe a...
Can I join another branch after failing a drug screen at meps
I recently went through meps and I quit smoking weed because I was serious about serving our nation. When I went through meps to be a marine I passed everything except for the drug screen because I still had a little thc in my system. I've vowed to never smoke again after that. I'm just wondering is if I get my degree can I become an officer in another branch
Great question for the marine Core to answer no way to know.
Will I be drug tested when I go back to court after arraignment , to be accepted in pretrial diversion program. ?
Arrested for possession of approximately 1/3 oz marijuana and 1/2 grams of meth and paraphanailia. First offense felony
It's always possible that you could be drug tested when you make any court appearance. I always tell clients to stop...
If one has an open case with OCS and they decide to move off w the child that the case is open for, will case expire\is law bro
Child's first 'poop' tested positive for TRACES of THC. Mother checked into hospital to give birth w a negative urinalyses,as well as all throughout pregnancy. Unfortunately she smoked early in the pregnancy before knowing she was pregnant. Nor was she trying to get pregnant might I add, very unexpected. However, once she knew, all was taken was vitamins and whatever was prescribed throughout pregnancy to ensure a healthy baby. But, BC of the positive result of traces of THC, OCS was notified and a case was open. When told all she had to do was meet w them, let them see baby, and speak w her, if all checked out good, to include a negative drug screen, and a happy healthy baby, that she would leave w no problem and no case. After complying by going to their office, meeting w them, passing a drug screen, showing them a healthy baby, still left w an open case. This woman has a 17 yr old, about to graduate and has never even had a call on her to ocs might I add, along w the fact that she's never even had a speeding ticket much less any type of criminal record. But yet, 5 mths later the saga goes on
This is not a DUI related question......................