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How do I get off a falsifacation charge
I was under the influence of alcohol
being under the influence is not a defense. You need to hire an attorney to go over the facts of your case with you.
I was arrested and charged with fourth offence dwi but ive only had one in the past ten years
was arrested for fourth offence dwi speeding and illegal lane usage no injurys or acccidents involved
Clearly some type of mistake has been made regarding priors and this will be fixable. What is clear is you need a DUI...
I recently received a DWI in Texas but hold a Louisiana DL.
Approximately 15 years ago I got a DWI in Louisiana. I was granted an Article 894. Will my Texas DWI show up as a second offense? Also, will Louisiana DMV find out if Texas suspends my DL.
Yes, your Texas DWI will show up as a second offense. The States generally do pretty well in talking to each other...
How would I get my license back?
I got a DWI in Louisiana last year while living in Texas, my 6 months is up for my license and I was needing to know if I would need to retake the driving tests to get a Louisiana license?
Your best bet is to contact the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicle and ask them to look up your record and ask what...
I just been revoke by my probation officer on my first offense of DUI and I have done everything she had ask me to do.
I don't want to lose my job
Do you know why you were revoked? You may also want to contact your attorney who handled your DUI case to assist....
Pretrial diversion vs. going back to court.
I got a Dwi last year in July. I have a pretrial diversion meeting next Tuesday and I was wondering what would happen if I didn't take that, and went back to court. I know it will be on my record, I was wondering how much, if any jail time I would be looking at.
As your charge is six (6) months old, I am wondering if you ever retained an attorney to represent you? If you did, I...
Arrested for DWI 2nd while on probation for DWI 1st
Hello live in Louisiana I pleaded guilty to DWI 1st and had a deferred sentenced based on article 894 CCRP, and placed on probation. during the first month of probation was arrested and charged with DWI 2nd. What's likely to happen
It's impossible to guess what will happen to you. Your most important action now is to hire a qualified criminal...