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My driver's liscence was suspended in 2003 for DUI for 2 yrs. I did not attempt to reinstate it. This was prior to Melanie's Law
My mother is 88 and not well. She is no longer able to drive. She has MD visits she needs to go to. Is there any way for me to get my liscence reinstated at this time? I am under treatment for cancer myself & would only need to drive during daylight hours. I have no $ to install a breathelizer in my Mom's car.I have not had alcohol in almost 10 years. Please advise.
you should have been able to reinstate your license by now unless your are suspended in another state.
What happens in court when you have a DUI
Got a DUI and will be in court Feb 2 in boston/brighton district. Do I require an attorney or can I represent myself in order to save money?
As you may of heard "only a fool has himself for a client." Having said that, sure, you can represent yourself. However,...
How do I reinstate NH driver license after DUI with MA residency?
I was convicted of a DUI in NH as a NH resident with a NH drivers license. Since then I have moved to MA and plan on remaining here for the time being. I am having an incredibly difficult time finding an insurance company that will provide me with coverage and file the SR 22 with the DMV in NH as a MA resident. I contacted the MA RMV to see if they can just get me a new license and file an SR 22 with MA but they said I need to first re-instate in NH before converting anything to MA. I have tried nearly all insurance agencies and companies. Am I missing something? Any suggestions?
This question was previously asked and answered today. Please inquire under NH law question. Good luck!
Does anyone have any advice? OUI first time offense
This is my first criminal offense, and i got an OUI. my car was parked in a parking spot and turned off, my friend was throwing up so i went to go help him, as this was going on cops drove by and he ran for it, the officer came up to me and saw that i was intoxicated and arrested me. i commute to school everyday and have never had previous crimes
I am sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds like you have defense. Did you partake in the roadside tests? Did...
What can I do for my daughter that is on her 2nd dui totaled my moms care
I wanted to know if the insurance will cover of my mother's car that she totaled and wasn't on the policy and my mother said she could take it not knowing she had a previous dui and a suspended license? She is in a 28 day detox until her date feb 21 2017. I want to know what to expect with this she is 25 yrs old and I am so frightened for her she is the type to take her life? Her doctor had her on psch pills 4 different types and drank on it.
If your daughter was not listed an an authorized driver on the policy, and your mother voluntarily allowed your...
I was released from the hospital later to my hotel, no bail, no paperwork. 01/4/17, I received a letter from California Highway patrol, stating dui and to send 828.00 by Feb 9. I live in Mass, I had a dui in Georgia in 1993.I am scared to death I can't function.
As soon as possible, you need to consult an experienced attorney in California that handles drunk driving cases. You...
Can I sue the psychiatric nurse practitioner that prescribed Clonazepam for my anxiety?
I was prescribed Clonazepam for a severe situational anxiety stressor. The psychiatric nurse practitioner that prescribed Clonazepam for me only told me that it was highly addictive, but that she felt comfortable prescribing it because I had no history of addiction and besides it was only going to be for a short period of time. I was told to take two 1mg tablets immediately and two more at bedtime and then one tablet 3 times per day after that. I took the first dose and after about an hour, maybe more, maybe less, I went to bed. I never took the bedtime dose. I was tired. I had had a very stressful day and I just wanted to go to bed. The next morning I got up to go to work. I was still very emotional from the previous day. I took my single tablet and went to work. I worked about 40 minutes from my house. About five miles from my job, I was pulled over by the police. They said I was driving erratic and I had almost collided several times with oncoming traffic. I was arrested. While I was in the holding cell at the police station I was desperately trying to find a way to hang myself. I had an overwhelming need to hang myself. I have never been suicidal. My life will never be the same
I am sorry to hear of your situation. Please immediately seek counseling regarding your thoughts of suicide. Everything...