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  • Former Ville Platte detective sentenced to federal p...

    Sunday Feb 12 | via KATC-TV Lafayette 

    A federal judge on Monday sentenced a former Ville Platte Police Department detective to 18 months in prison for falsifying a police report in effort to obscure his commission of a crime. Nathaniel Savoy pleaded guilty to felony theft in 2015 for stealing shingles from a construction business, a crime for which he received a suspended 5-year prison sentence and three years of supervised probation.


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  • Ville Platte residents sue police department over il...

    Tuesday Feb 7 | via KATC-TV Lafayette 

    Three Ville Platte residents, who allege they were subjected to unconstitutional police practices at the heart of a U.S. Justice Department investigation, have filed a federal lawsuit against the city and its police department. According to the suit, Shawanna Deville, Shaquille Freeman and Lil John O'Neal were involuntarily detained as witnesses during a 2014 homicide investigation, held in a cell and restricted from contacting anyone on the outside - all without being arrested or accused of a crime.


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  • Ville Platte residents concerned with how FEMA check...

    Sunday Feb 5 | via KATC-TV Lafayette 

    At issue: Checks issued by FEMA for repairs at St. Matthew's Cemetery in Ville Platte. Since then, questions have come up about how to spend that money and who should make repairs.


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  • See who was arrested in Opelousas

    Jan 17, 2017 | via Daily World 

    See who was arrested in Opelousas The following people were arrested Jan. 14-16, 2017: Check out this story on Chris Sonnier, 543 Joe W. Road, Church Point, criminal trespass, simple criminal damage to property, simple burglary, theft of a fiream, possession of a firearm by a person convicted of certain felonies Eddie McLain IV, 466 Douresseau Road, Ville Platte, two counts of violation of a protective order, resisting an officer, criminal mischief Joseph Buck Jr., 1661 Laday St., Opelousas, bench warrant, suspended driver's license, tail lamp violation, window tint, expired motor vehicle inspection Joseph Miller Jr., 401 College Road, Eunice, registration of sex offender and child predator, notification of sex offenders and child predators, failure to register and notify as a sex ... (more)


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  • Ville Platte police seeking rape suspect

    Jan 15, 2017 | via KATC-TV Lafayette 

    In a Press Release from Chief Neal Lartigue of The Ville Platte Police Department, he states that on January 7 at approximately 1 a.m., the Ville Platte Police Department responded to the 300 block of East Magnolia after receiving a report of a possible rape, the station reported. Upon arrival, officers learned that the suspect broke a glass on the front door of the residence to gain entry.


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Ville Platte Law

What does DWI 1st offense Amended to R.O.M.V. mean? The ROMV part?
Charged with Misdemeanor but then Amended to ROMV.
Reckless Operation of a Motor Vehicle
My husband got two dwi can he be approved for a I 130
My husband got two dwi his first one he was on house arrest and paid his fine his 2nd one he went to jail and was pick up by immigration and was let go on a 5000$ bond and goes to immigration court he has another court in 20018 can he get approved for a I 130 or will he get pick up on the day of his I 130 interview
he can be approved for the I-130 and I suggest you file it immediately. The I-485 will need to be filed with the court...
Will I be drug tested at my probation officer meeting (convicted of DWI)?
Two years ago I was arrested for a DWI charge. I was recently sentenced to wear the SCRAM ankle bracelet for 90 days. In a few weeks I will start paying towards my fine and will also be checking in with my probation officer. Should I expect to be drug tested at this meeting?
Yes two or 3 times. If your levels decrease, they will stop.
How do I sue a community college for reimbursement of tuition if I'm not getting the education I paid for
Enrolled in cdl class but not getting proper training. Either told to go home early or just sitting around doing nothing most of the day. I don't feel prepared for testing. If tests are failed then extra charges are required for more testing.
Clearly, this is not a criminal defense question. You should probably talk to a civil lawyer about this.
What happens during the exit interview of a drug diversion
last meeting is scheduled for next week in Lafayette Louisiana. What will happen during the exit interview? Q&A, urine or hair drug test?
Each facility handles these matters differently. This question is impossible to answer. If you know other people who...
Can I still be charged with a DUI?
What shoud i do if I was involved in an auto accident in which I slid of the road when missing a turn in Louisiana visiting family...noone else was involved....I had a few beers before the accident so the responding officer asked me to perform tests which I declined...I had been shaken up because my car rolled completely over....I was taken to the er but was never booked and was given a ticket that only shows failure to control my vehicle. ..after medical treatment I was released from the hospital and allowed to go home and was told I'd be notified of a court date...he also confiscated my license / ID....what should I expect and can I still be charged with DUI with no booking...I have no tickets whatsoever on my license. .
Probably not, but you need to hire a private criminal defense attorney.
A marijuana joint is found on the premises of the job should everyone be tested or only the people that work in that area and ot
They claim that a marijuana joint was found on the premises in a Pacific work area and they target only certain guys and there's other people who has access to this level of the work area but they wasn't tested should the whole plant been tested for not do they have any legal right if they came up positive
Who gets tested by the employer is up to the employer. There is no requirement that everyone who conceivably could...