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It's being 2 months and no word yet on the results.
The response times can vary depending upon the lab doing the work. More importantly, there is no requirement that you...
dui feb 2 2014 had a hearing 03 6 2014 was not taken to court. judge reviewed and continued. Another court date April 4 2014 . Want to know if test is back. is there any way to find out if test is complete.
I would contact your attorney. Many times I am able to get the blood results FAXED to me or given verbally prior to...
Need to know what I am looking at either time wise or suspension?
There is a lot more information needed to answer your question. When were you convicted of the one in 2002? When were...
I had not been drinking or under the influence at all. I have a prescription for Vyvanse 50mg which I take everyday in the morning, which I took about 10:30 that day and the crash happened at about approximately 7:45. My main question and concern is that could I be in charged for a DUI when I took my Vyvanse at 10:30 and I have a prescription?
I would strongly suggest that you hire a qualified DUI attorney. You can still be charged with a DUI even if you only...
PA has not said anything about an interlock device, or the DUI at all. Now my contact from IDRC has told me that I'm currently no longer on the revoked list, and that I can pay a 100 dollar restoration fee online. If I pay this fee online, and have no need to physically restore my license with the DMV (since I'm a licensed PA driver) do I still need to place the interlock on my vehicle?
Yes because NJ will suspend your license and driving abilities in NJ and will report to PA.
Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony crime other than a minor traffic violation? A conviction record will not necessarily be a bar to employment factors such as job relations; age and time of the offense, seriousness and nature of violation and rehabilitation will be taken into account.
Based upon the recited question on the application the answer is unquestionably NO. You participation in the ARD...
Basics of my case are that I was arrested for 2 DUI's within a few months of each other, with the first in Delaware county and the second in Chester County. There were no accidents, no other passengers, and (fortunately) no one was hurt in either case. I have plead guilty to the first DUI, and am awaiting my trial for the second. Assuming I am guilty on the 2nd, I know that PennDot will treat it as a 2nd DUI for penalty purposes. Will my suspensions be consecutive or concurrent (I'm thinking consecutive)? Per the OLL license, will I have to wait, until a year has passed under the 2nd suspension, to apply (2nd will incur an 18 month suspension)? Or will I be able to apply at any point sooner? I appreciate any help you could give me.
Respectfully, you should address questions of this nature to your current attorney. He or she is in the best position...