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Will California search for you out of state for a first time offender dui charge unresolved?
Got a dui. Never finished classes in time. Got an extension for the classes. Still never finished.... Now thinking of moving out of state for work. Will they come after me? I'm thinking of north Dakota or Oklahoma.
It's not real likely that the county where you were sentenced is going to want the expense of bringing you there to...
Fiance blew under 0.08 What are the chances of fighting the dui? Or plea bargaining? His first offense.
Me fiance and I got pulled over on St Patrick's day for having expired tags, we had a couple of drinks so they made him take the breathalyzer test. He blew 0.09 so they ended up arresting him. They made him take a second one at the station it came out to 0.07. We are in the process of hiring a lawyer but also wanting to plea not guilty until we can find one.
The option to plea bargain will always be there, the only question is what kind of plea agreement will it be? I...
What is going to happen to him if he was arrested again for a similar charge, waplaced on probation, was arrested for a dui, bat
My boyfriend was arrested on Dec. 1, 2015 for hitting me and pushing me, on the side of the freeway, while onlookers witnessed him hitting me, somebody called CHP on him, while we were stranded on the side of freeway after running out of gas. WhIle we were waiting for a friend to come and bring us some gas, a tow truck showed up to help us get gas and tow us to the next exit to get gas. While he was parked in front of us, I believe he witnessed my boyfriend yelling snd hitting me cuz he was upset with me for us running out of gas. For some reason he told me to go talk to the tow truck driver, and he thought I was trying to go on the driver side to talk to him, which I was not. I was trying to talk to the tow truck driver on the passenger side. My bf panicked when g e gets stressed and began pulling my hair and striking me with his fists. He was doing this all day long while we were down visiting friends, he was acting crazy, wouldn't let me go to the rest room, wouldn't let me get out of the car to use a rest room. He hit a trash can with my passenger mirror and broke it. Was trying to push me out of car.etc. He was acting violent and angry all day. Well, while the tow truck drive.
There is to much information for anyone to give you an accurate answer. He needs to get counsel as soon as possible. Of...
I forgot to schedule my dmv dui hearing. What happens now?
Hello I was arrested for a duo but I wasn't driving I was parked at the gas station waiting for my ride to come I admitted to driving myself to the gas station but I got drunk in the gas station parking lot while waiting. Then I forgot to setup my hearing. What should I do?
You should still try to set up the hearing, but you may be denied and get a default judgment entered against you...
If my case got exonerated, can I get my drivers license back?
I got a dui and I had two court dates and the DA office hadn't reviewed my case so the judge exonerated my case. Im in CA, and I was wondering if I would be able to get my license reinstated since I wasn't convicted and am no longer going through legal proceedings for the dui?
Cases are not exonerated. You might mean it was rejected by the DA. Whether you can get your license back depends on...
I'm Getting threats from my ex that he will post a video of our intimacy when I was drunk. He's starting to post them because of
It was an affair that I had but I was separated at the same time but still married. And I chose to make my marriage work and now he's trying to break up my family. The guy that recorded this is trying to post it on social media Facebook Instagram etc.
Revenge porn? I would first contact the police to file a police report and then I would file a civil domestic violence...
On a matter of a 2nd DUI conviction within 10 yrs on a restricted license does that cover picking up kids for visitation?
My ex just got arrested for his 2nd DUI within a 4 year period. I understand that the DMV will suspend his license. If he is granted a restricted license would this cover the period that he is picking up and dropping off our children and driving around during his custodial time?
A restricted license is good for driving to the DUI program and to work.