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My boyfriend has five dui on his record, he been here ten years. he did not go to court three years ago so know he serve 60 days
he has ice holder so what can happen
Your boyfriend needs an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist with the DUI case. Conviction of a 4th DUI in 5...
Can I contest breathalyzer and field sobriety test? What charges for 1st offense DUI aggravated?
This is my first DUI offense and it was DUI with aggravated. On police report it stated the officer followed me out of the parking lot and conducted a traffic stop after observing my driving. He asked me to stand on one leg and I could not do that even if I was sober. I have AVN (avascular necrosis or osteonecrosis) in both knees. Basically, the bones in, above and below my knees are dying bc they aren't getting enough oxygen to keep the bone healthy and alive. This is a very painful condition and on some days I have difficulty with even walking. I was ordered to be in a wheelchair for 3 months by my orthopedic surgeon because I was restricted from any weightbearing on my knees. I read somewhere, while doing reasearch on what might happen to me, that an officer is supposed to observe the driver in question for 15 minutes. On police report the violation time was 8:40pm and arrest was 8:52 pm. My PBT was 0.197.
The PBT is not admissible in court should you decide to proceed to trial. There are many ways to challenge the...
Can my fiance move out of state back to PA without transferring on unsupervised probation
My fiance pleaded to 12 months unsupervised probation and paid ALL fees an court cost up front to get unsupervised to be able to move back to PA from KY
If your fiancé had an attorney you should contact him/her for advise on how to handle this. Although unsupervised, you...
I am currently in drug court and want to know how to get out of it.
I got my first possession and paraphernalia charge and had no idea what I was doing. I was using heroine and thought maybe the program can actually help me and can get me into a rehab so I can live right. When I got out and signed the paperwork I asked about rehab and they told me no I haven't been in enough trouble to qualify for rehab.. so they released me to the streets and expected me to do perfect and it not screw up. Which as an addict is very difficult and then they made me stop taking my phyciactric drugs that stablize me and my mental condition (sever bipolar and manic depression). So on top of stop using drugs I have to try and stop having my mental issues I've had since I was 13 years old when I was diagnosed. So I want to transfer to a thing called mental health drug court but my drug court refuses to transfer me to anywhere even though it would be way more helpful and beneficial to me . They just want the money they get for having me. So I checked myself into rehab because I needed help and they kept refusing me help and now they are trying to terminate me and make me serve 12 county months . Please help me
Serve the sentence consider hiring a criminal Defense attorney to see what can be done otherwise.
If a cop does not arrest you at the scene of a car wreck when you was drinking can they come back days later and arrest you then
My sugar had bottomed out at 47 this is the reason I believe the wreck happened I was confused but I had been drinking and I was driving on a suspended licience.
That would be very unusual and is highly unlikely. If anyone talks to you about it, though, you should consult with a...
How long can kentucky wait to charge with a DUI after all tests come back?? Blood and urine.
Took Tests if postive how long can they wait to charge you.
Statutes of limitation are different for misdemeanors and felonies. Blood results are normally available within a...
Can my lawyer help with a federal violation of probation with a d.u.i?
I am on federal probation and just got a dui. This is the first time I violated. I have been doing good since i got out in February 2016. I have two prior dui's in '99 and '01. I did ten years prior to getting out .
You should probably ask your lawyer that question. If you were appointed an attorney through the CJA (i.e. federal...