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If I hire a DUI attorney, is it possible to have my second offense DUI expunged even if I have a child endangerment & restraint?
I am attending my first AA meeting tomorrow, and I am currently trying to be admitted into an outpatient rehab facility because I am a full-time student. I went through a rode block and blew .19. Is there anything I can do to keep my license and not have my insurance jump sky high?
So, you have a second offense Driving While Under the Influence with a .19 BAC reading and running a Road Block with a...
I was in a wreck and because I had a prescription of Xanax in my purse I got a dui ticket
I hit my head on the steering wheel and the only fst he gave me was watching his finger. I had just taken a blow to my eye. He said I failed and gave me a dui ticket. A dog ran out in front of me and I wasn't going to swerve because I have always been told not to. My tire hit the gravel and I ran off the road hitting a fence. The Sherrifs dept got there and took my purse immediately. The hwy patrol came to the ambulance and told me he suspected I was under the influence. He did the fst and drew blood after I got to hospital. My eye was almost swollen shut. But he chose to do the eye test.
As for the "eye test," please review my previous answer. DUI "other substance" charges are quite common. Many people...
I was arrested with dui other, failure to control my vehicle, and paraphinalia.
I went to the emergency room 4 hours after the accident to get a drug test because the police did not administer one. It came back negative for everything. The paraphinalia is the plastic wrapper off of a cigarette pack. The Dr said it was a seizure which runs strong in my family. I have an appointment with a neurologist now. What are my chances of beating this?
None of us can tell you what your chances are based on this little information. However, we can all agree that your...
Regarding a DUI what is the difference in non adjudicate and expunge?
3 yrs ago my daughter got a DUI. We hired an attn to get it off her record. She fulfilled all requirements but when she applied for a job it showed up. Attn blamed it on slow courts and now says it has been Expunged . But when I ask for Documentation he said there is none because it was expunged. I called justice court and was told it has been non adjudicated but not expunged. Is it off her record or not?
Talk to her attorney. If it has not been expunged, there was no non adjudication 3 years ago unless a minor in certain...
I recieved a DUI (other) for marijuana a year ago. My court date is tomorrow, will I be drug tested oon my court date?
Or will I be tested when probation starts?
Have you been found guilty? Just because you are charged doesn't mean you are guilty. Unless you show signs that you...
Is law enforcement officers taking blood at DUI checkpoints legal?
Wouldn't it violate our constitutional rights against unlawful search and seizure? Especially without a warrant. If they do take your blood for a blood alcohol analysis where does their rights to use this end? Can they then submit it for a record to have your DNA on file for future use of any government organization. Is not my blood my personal property? This is going to be a long and legally treacherous road and I want to know my rights when put in this position.
Taking blood at a checkpoint would certainly be flying in the face of the Fourth Amendment, although sobriety...
DUI appeal six years later
Received a letter from attorney that was on the docket of going to court for appeal from 2007. Six years later.
The wheels of justice turn slowly.