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I wondered if on Wed I had 4-16oz, beers from 10pm- 4 a.m. Thursday & do a urine test at 4:30 pm on Fr. will it show?
I take prescribed meds, and routine urine tests are part of coverage. I am female, 5 ft tall and weigh 200 lbs.
It depends on the test they use. There's one test which can detect alcohol approx. 80 hours later.
What kind of plea deal can I possibly get for a first-time DWI offense
Okay I got pulled over going 80 in a 55 and pull me out of car and all the field sobriety took me back to the station I blew a .11 my court date is scheduled the 22nd of this month the question is should I get a lawyer or should I get a lawyer some people tell me that if I go in there for my first offense they're going to offer me the same deal as a look as if they're going to offer I guess now I just started getting nervous or should I have a lawyer now
Its kind of like if you were sick. You might get well even without a doctor, but the chances are always better if you...
I just gotten a letter from DMV status g my licence is permanently revoked, my question is there a chance I can get a hardship
I currently have a scram monitor on I am doing 2 weekends in jail and paying off fines after I complete the necessary programs would I be able to get hardship licence just to go back and forth to work since I live 30 min from my job
I suggest you review the information at:
Can I go to jail for second DUI in 9 years
my story as I watched the police follow each other close to close with another vehicle and then they see me and I turn off the exit before them and they turned behind me and then pulled me over and that's when they found out that I've been drinking what can possibly happen to me I work I have a good job and I take care of my son full time is it possible I can do weekends I'm behind this if so I would love to do that or probation I'm already in counseling for my drinking problem
The story part is hard to follow, but I'll take a crack at your legal question. If you have been convicted of...
Can a officer stop you for dwi then let u drive car home then five u dwi after? And how long does it take for a arrest warrent
I am in probation in ny for a 2nd dwi while on probation I was having medical issues and decided to drive myself to the store to get meds, before I got there u was pulled over and given 5 test none came up with a difinitive result, then I was told I can drive my car home since it was 6 blocks down the street which I did and the cop followed.. then after I got into the car and taken to the station about 1 1/2 hrs later I ws giving the test wich read .11 I told text officer to take my blood since I'm sure it was false reading due to acid reflux. Now I was told by my probation officer that he filled for vop.
Can a police officer do what you described? Apparently yes, because you experienced it. Should a police officer allow a...
Do I need my attorney to petition the court for removal of my ingnition interlock device?
I was convicted of Aggravated DWI in New York State. The judge ruled that I have the device for one year, but said that I could petition to have it removed after six months. Am I able to petition the court myself, or does my lawyer need to?
You are always able to petition the court for relief without an attorney, It's called proceeding "pro se". Whether...
Is there a time limit for revoking a NY license after a conviction?
I was "convicted" of a DWI in 1994 in absentia and I question the process because I was not at the sentencing and never informed of the outcome. I only learned of the conviction a few months ago via a self initiated records review. I called the court who THEN informed me of the fine after having to research the case. Then today I received a letter of revocation from DMV. 21 years later! At this point I'm questioning the legality of the whole process. I had no attorney and the case had been adjourned while I attended treatment, never to learn of the outcome until the past couple of weeks. I'm not only going to lose a job that I am up for but my current one as well because it's clear that someone in this court failed to do their job.
Generally speaking, no, there isn't a time limit.