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Third DWI in less than a year and second driving with a suspended license penalties?
My soon to be ex spouse was in an accident with his fathers car yesterday. He totaled the car and was arrested for dwi, careless driving, failure to keep right, driving with a suspended license, and open container. This is his third DWI since September 2015. What are the penalties for this many DWI in under a year? I already know he is going to jail for the last on from February. Thank you for your answers.
He faces 6 months for the third DWI and 18 months for driving on the DWI revoked list, which is an indictable criminal...
What kind of ramifications will come from a third dwi charge within five years?
My husband was arrested on Monday for a third dwi plus issued six other tickets one including driving with a suspended license. The first dwi was in August 2013 and the second was September 2015. He hasn't completed all the requirements from the second dwi. What are his chances he will avoid jail time? He also refused a breath test and refused all field sobriety tests on Monday.
If convicted of a 3rd DWI with 10 years of the second DWI, he will lose his license for 10 years, will be sentenced to...
I am 21 years old. I was arrested in NJ for DWI. Blew a .10. I have a NY license.
Are you able to reduce charges in NJ? Will I be able to get a conditional permit for I work in NY. I work only 20 hours a week at minimum wage and cannot afford an attorney. Will I be able to get a point appointed attorney? I was given ticket for DWI, going 20 miles over the speed limit and careless driving. I appreciate your response. Thank you.
Apply to the court to appoint a PD. You will need an attorney to deal with this. If you lose you will have you NJ...
I got a DUI what should I do/expect?
I got a DUI in New Jersey at 7am on Sunday and have court next week. What should I do based on the following facts... I was in New Jersey for a Bachelor Party Saturday Night. Slept at hotel. I felt sober enough to leave early in the morning to try and beat traffic to get home for Mothers Day in New York. Got pulled over for speeding (118 on a 65). Officer thought I was drunk and had me do several tests which I passed. Then arrested me and brought me to the station for breathalyzer. I blew a .09. The limit is .08. Now I have court next Thursday. I only have $1500 saved up. I doubt that's enough for a decent lawyer. What should I do? Maybe try a pro bono lawyer? What should I expect? I really don't want my license to get suspended and I don't want my insurance to go up... any help/advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Anthony
You got pulled over going 118 mph with a B.A.C. over the legal limit. You run a real risk of doing jail time. Time to...
I got DUI ticket. please help.
Yesterday late afternoon I arrested for two hours in cliffside park police dept. I drunk 4 cans of beer and sake with family in house. After then I tried to move my car to the other side because my car block the driveway. When I tried to park, my car was bumped into a car which was parked. That car damaged a little bit dent front bumper. At that time, a neighbor who saw that situation called police. I did roadside tests and then they arrested me. After then in police office I did breath test. I didn't refuse breath test. but they didn't get result so I did 3 times. and then they just released me with 5 tickets. 1. Operating under influence of liquor or drugs. 2. Refusal to submit to chemical test, penalties. 3. Reckless driving. 4. DWI on school property or within 1000 ft of school. 5. Careless driving : likely to endanger person. court date is 6/23/16 6PM now I am waiting enlist us army at 7/18/16 if I convicted all this ticket, I can not enlist us army. this is my first with this problem.
You need to hire an experienced DUI attorney immediately. These cases usually take 2 months or more to resolve. The...
Will I be able to enter japan with a NJ DUI?
I got a marijuana DUI in NJ about 5 years ago and I know its considered a traffic violation and not criminal. I was wondering if I had to disclosed this information?
"Will I be able to enter japan with a NJ DUI?" is not a DUI question; It is an immigration question. If you want to...
When does DUI related suspension end?
I received a 7 month loss of license for a first DUI the end of January. I also got caught driving while being suspended for a first DUI 39:3-40(f)(2). Initially if I didn't get caught the DWS ticket, I was eligible to be restored for the DUI the beginning of September 2016. My question is when the DUI related suspension expires the end of September, what would happen if I got caught driving again while being suspended? Would it only be a "plain vanilla" DWS 39:3-40, or would I be subject to indictment under 2C:40-26?
Don't get caught driving while suspended because you must be smart enough not to drive if your suspended. Even if your...