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I would like to know what my possible charges could be for a DWI, refusal to take a breathalyzer, and a careless driving ticket?
I received a DWI ticket, a refusal to take a breathalyzer ticket, and a careless driving ticket in the state of NJ recently. I was given a field sobriety test, which I failed, but I have read that they could be disregarded in court. There is currently no evidence that I was drinking and driving other than the above and that the cop received a complaint call. I currently work as a Teacher Aide and plan to do AmeriCorps in the state of Colorado in January for a year then get my master's in teaching, which will take two years (also in Colorado). I am very nervous that this will stay on my record and it could jeopardize my career path. I would like to know what my possible charges could be, and with my future plans, as long as I take the proper classes, if I can get a conditional license etc.
You are correct that the DWI charge can be beaten if the SFTS where not performed properly, the refusal is another...
I am 21 years old. I was arrested in NJ for DWI. Blew a .10. I have a NY license.
Are you able to reduce charges in NJ? Will I be able to get a conditional permit for I work in NY. I work only 20 hours a week at minimum wage and cannot afford an attorney. Will I be able to get a point appointed attorney? I was given ticket for DWI, going 20 miles over the speed limit and careless driving. I appreciate your response. Thank you.
Apply to the court to appoint a PD. You will need an attorney to deal with this. If you lose you will have you NJ...
Does the NY DDP satisfy NJ IDRC class?
I am a NJ licensed driver who was convicted of a NY DWAI. I have completed my full 7 weeks of NY DDP classes and went to an OASIS evaluation. I have also been told I need to attend a NJ IDRC. Do I need to attend the NJ classes?
Who told you? If NJ Motor Vehicle Commision sends you a letter, then you have to go. However, make sure you have...
The NJ DMV law says I need a breath analyzer when my license is restored, do I still need that device if I dont have a car?
I would like to restore my license and then move to Florida and transfer my license there. I can use public transportation while I save up to buy a car.
If you don;t have a car, obviously you can't install one. However, until you get one, I believe they won't restore...
I got a dui in NJ. I had to get an interlock device during my suspension. Do i have to get it again after i get my license back?
The judge only told me i had to have the interlock on my car for six months but did not mention anything about having to get it again after my license is reinstated.
Unfortunately Yes. The N J law was written thinking conditional licenses would be available. That law never was enacted....
Does a Laurick motion lower suspension time or only jail time?
I plead guilty to a dwi in 1989. I was charged with a dwi in 2008 and refusal in 2013, but was granted a Laurick motion for the 1989 conviction. I did not have to go to jail thank god, but am trying to put my life back in order, not easy to do without a license. Is there a way to have the Laurick order apply to my suspension (2 years vs 10 years)?
Yes a Laurick Motion relates to the jail portion of the sentence not to the loss of license.
Hi... In New Jersey if you are convicted of a 2nd DUI, is there a mandatory jail term or is that up to the judge? Thanks, Mac
I had some wine and drove to work at 10 am. While parking I dented the car next to me. I was arrested on DUI.
A second DWI carries a mandatory 2 - 90 days in jail, though often two days at the IDRC are substituted for the two...