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2nd offense dui and willful wreckless driving.
My husband was arrested this morning for a second offense dui and willful wreckless driving. Was being pulled over for speeding, panicked because he had been drinking so he tried to run, lost control and hit a tree. His first dui was 7 years ago. He says one of the officers told him to get a good lawyer and it could be dropped to a first offense. Is that possible? What outcomes are we looking at? Is it possible to take the defensive driving class and get the wreckless driving reduced or dropped?
It would be best to talk directly with attorneys in your area. You can use the "Find a Lawyer" tab at the top of the...
Are cops able to get ahold of blood alcohol level tests without consent?
I received a MIC a few weeks ago. I was unconscious and not responding so they sent me to the hospital. The next day I received a ticket for MIP/MIC but they didn't breathalyze me. They took my blood levels from the hospital. I just wanna know if the cops are able to get ahold of this information?
In Michigan, the answer would be yes. I would not be surprised if Nebraska had similar provisions. You should consult a...
Driving under revocation due to a previous dui.
so I'm trying to find some good advice/consultations. I got pulled over for driving under revocation June 8th due to a dui I got in February and I was eligible to get an interlock permit right away. I went through the steps to get the divice installed and going through probation but I hadn't got my letter in the mail with the permit yet. Well turns out it was sent to the wrong address, my old one out of state. So I called the dmv and they said just go to the nearest dmv and I can receive my ignition interlock permit. So as I was heading to the dmv I got pulled over for a freaking sticker in my window. I believe they were profiling cause I drive a red bmw. But I had to sit a day in jail until I got bailed out 750 dollars later and being accused of driving under revocation. Any advice helps.
Hard ro answer without additional information. Was your license out of state when you got the first one? Why revocation...
2 Officers are saying I was past out behind the wheel at any interaction they were trying to wake me up yet the lightsweren't on
I was not past out they said in the police report that they were trying to wake me up. when I came too I let my foot off the brake and costed across the interaction. when I got to the other side of the street I gased it and drove off then they turned there lights on and pulled me over they said in the police report they were called to do a walfar check on a car stopped at and interaction with 2 males pasted out in it ...if they would have pull behind me isent it a law that there lights be on ??? I don't understand none of makes since me and my friend pull up to a interaction with the car still in drive and both just pass out NO then when the Officer's " try to wake us up " there no lights no sirens as soon as I seen lights I pulled over I neverhadanyothercontactwiththem
If you were charged, then best bet is to retain a local criminal lawyer to fight it.
Will I get drug tested at court for letting someone without a license drive my car and turning down diversion
A few weeks ago I let a friend of mine drive my car and we got pulled over I got offered to be put on the diversion program but elected to go to court instead. I just want to know if they could/would drug test me because I turned down diversion and what the repercussions of failing that drug test would be
I am not licensed in Nebraska, so out of respect for any experienced attorney licensed in Nebraska who respond to your...
Can I get dash cam footage of my dui after time?
I was sentenced for a DUI in March. I was just curious is if I can obtain dash cam footage of my sobriety tests and what not. I would just like to see it out of curiosity. Wasn't sure if that was something I could get my hands on by request or not. Thought someone might have an answer. Thanks!
.if available it should be part of the normal discovery process they typically will destroy this type of thing unless...
I got a DWI out of state. What is my next step?
I was in Branson Missouri for a wedding. My friend was driving back to the hotel and she lost control of her car. We ended up in a ditch. No one was hurt. A few people stopped to help us and at that point we had everything under control. We were standing in a parking lot when the cops showed up about 45 minutes later. The policeman noticed I was having difficulties balancing. He questioned me and conducted all the field sobriety tests. I was arrested and charged with a DWI in Galena Missouri. In all honesty I wasn't the one driving. I need advice. Thanks.
It sounds like you are in a difficult position. You will need to protect yourself and the best way to do that is by...