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What could the consequences be for failing a drug test while on parole for THC result in, in alabama?
He has been on parole since 2004 and wont get untill 2021, he hasnt been in any trouble since and has has no contact with the law he has also held steady work and has made a huge change and made something of himself since he was released, but he isnt perfect and has a chance of failing a test only for THC which is not the drug he went to jail for so i would really appriciate some expert advice
You know darn good and well that this guy's parole could get revoked if he has a positive drug test. I know you are...
I was recently arrested for my first felony D.U.I in Alabama what will happen when I go to court?
Do they consider drug court in Alabama for a felony D.U.I and do they take in consideration if you have more then ten years of mental health issues? What can I do to help my case so I do not go to Prison or have to serve Jail time?
DUI does not normally qualify for drug court. You need to hire an attorney and see what they recommend.
After receiving a felony due and doin my time in prison and most of my probation and with the probation officers recommendation
I have served my time and most of my probation. I also have my probation officers recommendation. Is there a chance to get a hearing from the dmv ? I have been in no trouble since my release and just want to be a productive citizen again without receiving more dws or revoked. I am working and have been in college since my release but had to drop out because of transportation
Based on your question, I am assuming that you are asking about your ability to reinstate your drivers license. The...
What are the odds of defeating a DUI charge with 2 very different FBT readings and no Miranda rights?
My 20 yo step son received a DUI charge after a single car accident with no property damage. He was told after the first FBT that he blew ".09, .11,...still climbing" The second he was told .06. The intoxilyzer at the jail he was told 0.11. He said he wasn't advised of his Miranda rights.
You must speak to a attorney in your area that handles this kind of thing, I would say you have some hope, but I wouldn'...
How is a North Carolina DWI going to affect me in my home state of Alabama?
This is the second one I got up there due to medication and then wine. Stupid, yes! Alabama never contacted me the first time. Now it happened again and I have no reason to think I will not be convicted. I have small children by myself and am scared to death about losing my driving privilege and license. Can I do anything to mitigate the severity of what's to come? Thank you.
Upon receipt of a conviction for DUI/DWI from an out of state driver license bureau or agency, the state of Alabama...
My boyfriend got a dui ,that's his first he never had one before . His license is from Florida but he got it in cullman Alabama
I would like to know what he could be facing ? Would hiring lawyers would be helpful ?
It is absolutely essential that a well-qualified attorney be retained to represent this individual. There are many...
How do District attorney meetings work?
I'll be going to meet with the DA soon and have been clean for almost a month but I'm scared I could still fail a drug test and I don't wanna hurt my case. Do District attorneys have the power to drug test or only at the judge and court officials discretion? Thanks for taking the time to read.
Why are you meeting with DA? Hire an attorney. You normally don't meet with DA in criminal case.