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How long do they have to charge somebody in Pennsylvania for going to court drunk
My daughter recently got herself in trouble and had to go to court she really screwed up and went to court drunk they lodged her in jail for 8 days and then released her under Court supervision and it has been a nightmare ever since. She wrote the judge an apology and has really tried to do the right thing but her Court supervision officer is always on her case and continuously harassing her. It's almost like they have her number and just will not leave her alone now. The public defender's office appointed her an attorney who does nothing for her what should we do
Not sure why this is under family law. There is no crime for appearing in court drunk. It sounds like what they did...
I was involved in a dui hit and run. Should I turn myself in?
I hit someone who was walking. I'm not sure how badly they were injured. I don't have insurance and my car is not inspected. I was drunk and scared so I kept driving. I'm filled with remorse. I would turn myself in, but I'm still scared. Would the law be more lenient if I turned myself in? I hate to say it, but they may never put it together, however there is a chance they will. What should I do?
Consult a criminal defense attorney to determine the best way to turn yourself in.
Got pulled over for a second dui and I got the papers in the mail addressed to my father. Middle name is wrong do I have a shot?
My father and I have the same name different middle name. Its been 5 years since my first and went through ard
It's an interesting situation, but I do not think it is going to save you. It does show the officer was sloppy, but he...
Can I sue the VFW for serving my husband alcohol for 8 1/2 hrs and his BAC was .295 ?? He had a head on wreck with a parked car?
He drank at this club and I was told by people that he was falling down drunk and they continued to serve him. He left the club after 8 1/2 hrs of drinking and decided to drive home, He hit a parked car headon, and is still in hospital. Can they be held liable?? Can I sue??
Can you sue? Yes. The better question is, do you have a viable claim? It sure sounds like your husband and you do....
Drugs under the passanger seat..
i was driving n my friends had drugs n his book bag he show it to me i smelled it n gave it back to him 4 mins into drivin i got pulled over by the police they said i was drunk or high did all kind of test on me without my consent to anything even wen i asked to speak to an lawyer they ask for an blood test i refused without an warrant i was arrested they found 3 oz of maryjane under the driver seat soon as i got arrest the passanger told the police i had drugs under his seat... who will get charge with it >>?? n what shouuld i do??
Mr. Keller has provided good advice regarding not sharing too many details. In cases like this, often both parties get...
Dui charged general impairment because of wreck but under legal limit
I wrecker my car they smellled alcohol didnt breathalize me gave me.the dui test (light test/standing 1 leg) but i got banged up pretty good and wasnt able to pass they did blood work and my bac was .07 and legal limit is. 08...they are charging me with gen impairment...qualified for ard for this is my only offense. No criminal record..was cooperative with police should i fight it do ard what should.i do because.probation officer.i saw for ard.told me to lawyer contact da to dismiss because i was under limit and allowed to be under limit and drive so i dunno but public.defendor and dunno if he best interests at top priority so ask any advice...ty
You have a public defender and you think anonoymous attorneys online will have your best interests at heart more than...
1st dui and no ard
1st dui and I already had ard for a non dui offense about 9 years ago. I'm guessing I probably wont qualify for ARD again, but I'm not sure. If I don't get it again, are the mandatory jail times ever negotiated into say community service or house arrest etc?
You should retain an experienced criminal defense attorney who will explore all options for you. In the event you do...