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  • Suspect Arrested in Montecito Car Burglaries

    Tuesday Aug 25 | via Santa Barbara Independent 

    Monday, a Ventura resident - 25-year-old Timothy Rodriguez - was arrested in connection with a string of eleven overnight car burglaries that occurred in the Montecito area, according to a Sheriff's Office press release. After a couple observed Rodriguez break into their car on the 100 block of Olive Mill Road, he fled toward the City of Santa Barbara via Coast Village Road and was observed by a Santa Barbara Police Department sergeant walking on the 1200 block of Coast Village Rd. When Rodriguez refused to stop, the sergeant pursued him by foot, both receiving minor injuries in the chase and scuffle.


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  • Homeless Man Arrested In Connection With Stabbing In...

    Monday Aug 17 | via CBS Local 

    CBS2 / KCAL9 CBS2/KCAL9 is part of CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corp. and one of the largest network-owned station groups in the country. CBS Studio City Broadcast Center 4200 Radford Avenue Studio City, CA [...] KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO is Southern California's only 24-hour news and traffic station.


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  • Guilty pleas for Ventura bowling alley molestations ...

    Thursday Aug 13 | via Santa Paula Times 

    Just as his trial got underway last week, an Oxnard man has admitted molesting young girls-including a Santa Paula child-while working as a mechanic at a Ventura bowling alley. In a Ventura County Superior Court, Adolfo 'A.C.' Cortez, 55, changed his pleas to guilty on three counts of felony lewd acts upon a child.


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  • SoCal Fanny Pack Thief on the Loose

    Thursday Aug 13 | via NBC Los Angeles 

    Police asked for the public's help on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2015 to identify this man police believe is responsible for stealing a fanny pack containing a NYPD police badge in Ojai. A Southern California thief is on the loose after stealing a fanny pack that had a New York Police Department badge and credit cards inside of it, police said Wednesday.


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Ventura Law

What is past jail time in ventura county for 4th DUI felony?
Was arrested in November for my 4th DUI and was just called that the DA finally is pressing charges almost 8 months later. It is my 4th in the 10 year period but there was no accident and no one else involved. what is the possible jail time in ventura county? I am a business owner and sole supporter of my family. I am now sober since then. something that i thought would be impossible. the possibility of going to jail and missing my kids made me put the bottle down.
In California, DUI #4 is a FELONY with a maximum of three years in (local) prison. The Ventura County DA will be...
Hello, I have a question concerning court fees, fines, & restitution VS probation fees.
1 year ago I was convicted of First time DUI and failure to stop (complicated/lengthy to explain, I did NOT run or evade police..) Anyways, after conviction I served the mandatory 90 day sentence and paid all the court fee's, fines, and restitution cost. A sum of $6,000, which drained my bank account and I also lost my job in the process, and I'm currently a college student with massive loans. Even though a misdeamnor, I was givin 3 years probation. I go every month without incident, and have a good relationship with my PO. However with 0 income and massive debt for school, a monthly fee of $142 is still being charged which is an additional ~ $4000, totaling @ $10k. They are claiming even though I paid all fines & fees, monthly prob. Fees must be paid. Is this legal or justified ?
If the $142/mo is a probation fee and if the probation officer will not waive the fee talk to the lawyer who...
Got a 2nd dui in Thousand oaks ca because my car matched the description the person called the police for.
My 1st dui was 2 years ago but bail was 10000. But can a lawyer use unlawful pull over because my car matched the description of a person calling in for suspected dui driver? And would anyone know why my bail was set a 10,000 ? Because still on informal probation?
In this age of cell phones, it is not unusual for citizens to report poor driving. I feel that a phone call such as in...
Restricted license after a dui
I have two questions, 1 I got a dui in August 2013. The dmv said my license was suspended from September 2013 until September 2014 (I was under 21) but I didn't get charged in court until May 2014. Does the year suspension start when I get the dui or after I'm charged? Question 2, if I get a restricted licenses and pay the reinstatement fee do I have to pay a reinstatement fee again when my suspension is up?
You will probably get hit for two reinstatement fees. Discuss your other questions with your attorney. You had an...
I got a DUI in 2013. I was sentecend to probation. But i wasnt able to comply with my probabtion?
I didnt have the money for my DUI classes. I called my porbabtion officer at the time and even let him know. But they never reached out to me. I lost my job had no phone. And now I think i might have a warrant. How can i avoid Jail time? I just had a baby. I cant be away from my newborn.
I can promise you that you have a warrant. This is NOT GOOD in Ventura County. I wish you had cleared this up before...
How much are the fees to get my license back in ca? I heard $125.00 and a extra $250.00
Got a DUI
if you are not a resident of the state you have to allow the full suspension to go forward unless you completed and I'...
How do I get my restricted licence un suspended after being dropped from the 18 month DUI program for not being able to pay?
I finally got a restricted licensez after being suspended since December 2008 for 3 DUI's! I have the IID installed, SR 22 insurance, and have been re enrolled in the 18 month DUI class! I'm on SSI and was unable to pay so the school dropped me! Prior to this happening I spoke with my Counselor and the administrator at the DUI program about payment and wasn't offered a sliding scale for payment or even told that once the school dropped me I'd have to complete the 18 month program before qualifying for another restricted license! What do I do now! I have a nine month old daughter and need to drive for her and my classes!
Unfortunately, that program is key. DMV won't release your license until you satisfy that term.