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Does DMV or court decide how long a license suspension is?
My case involves a DUI refusal. I have already had the DMV APS hearing, and the result was that the DMV did not treat the matter as a refusal. The DMV representative told me I can get a restricted license after 30 day hard suspension. I have also received the letter from the DMV stating this(30 day hard suspension, 5 month restricted). I know that a refusal can potentially lead to a 1 year suspension. My criminal case in court is still pending. The public defender is trying to work with the DA to get the refusal enhancement dropped. My question is if the enhancement cannot be dropped, can my license still be suspended by the court or DMV for a year?
What does your public defender have to say about this?
Blood draws after car collision - DUI?
I rear ended a vehicle. Police came to scene. Was taken to hospital by ambulance. Blood was taken at hospital. I was released. I understand if you are driving a vehicle in California hospitals automatically administer a blood test for alcohol. No DUI investigation was done at scene and I was not cited or arrested. A few hours earlier I had had a little to drink. There is a remote chance my BAC was not 0 at time of accident. I imagine it is almost impossible it was over the legal limit, but I find myself wondering the following: - Are results automatically shared with DMV, police, or insurance companies? If not, can I do anything to ensure privacy? - If there is alcohol in blood but less than legal limit will that still trigger DMV or criminal proceedings? - What should I do, if anything, at this point to protect myself?
First of all, don't share this information with anyone but an attorney. There is no privilege in this forum....
My Ventura County DUI was expunged. It still shows up on public record. How can I have it cleared and removed?
A first-time offender, and only offense of any kind: I received a DUI (under .08) in Ventura County, 4 years ago. I paid all of my fees, fulfilled my probation terms and have had it, since, expunged. However, when one runs my driver's license through the Ventura County Superior Court website or records department, it still lists the charge and details with a status of "expunged". It is my understanding, "expunging" is meant to remove the mark from my record as though it never occurred. As it currently stands, all "expunged" means to the person looking is that I was found guilty but played by the rules. It has affected my ability to obtain work and was the reason for a rental property denial (both were after it was expunged). How can I have my DUI record cleared and removed from the public record, if not through being expunged?
First, it wasn't "expunged." It was "dismissed" per Penal Code section 1203.4. Nothing is erased. It will also show...
Will I be required to pay to get my car out of impound, lot fees, towing etc?
One year ago I moved from Pennsylvania to California, I transferred my license and thought that would be that. Free months later I receive a notice saying my license is suspended until I meet the California requirements for my DUI arrests from 3 years prior occurring in ventura California. Problem is 3 years prior on the dates the have on record I did have 2 DUI arrests, but they were in New Jersey not California. And directly after those arrests I hired a lawyer, paid my fine, served my probation sentence and had the required ignition lock installed for the required duration of time. My license was restored and the matter was over. Except now California claims it occurred here in California and that the requirements have not been met. Since then while trying to contact Sacramento dmv to have anybody acknowledge a mistakes been made, my car has just today been impounded during a routine stop due to my wrongfully suspended license.
YES, you will have to pay to get your car out of impound. It may be on a 30-day hold if your license is suspended....
Is it possible for AB2098 (veterans w/PTSD) or Veteran's Court to forgive the 1st or 2nd DUI? Making the 3rd a max. of 10 yrs.
A veteran returned from Iraq and received two DUI's within the same year. At this time there were no Veteran Court's to help dismiss the DUI. The veteran turned his life around by giving back to the community. About seven years later, he received his 3rd DUI after an accident with loss. The judge, although wanting to accept into the court the veteran's PTSD was unable to due to the DA suggesting a sentence of 15 with a life tail. (PC 191.5d)
Thank you for your service to our county. Under Penal Code 1170.9, you may be able to get treatment in a VA facility...
Can I get electronic monitoring in ventura county for a 3rd dui?
I just got arrested for my 3rd dui here in ventura county two days ago. I feel bad and guilty and Know I did bad and have to face the consequences. I got my first in 2011,second in 2014 and third two days ago. I know I'm gonna have to do 120+ days in jail. Is it possible to get electronic monitoring for a third dui here in ventura county as of now. I really can't afford to lose my job as of now. Previous experiences/cases is home arrest an option for a third dui in Ventura county as of now. Thank you for your time.
I've heard recently that this is no longer possible in Ventura County. I suspect you're facing a lengthy stint in...
How does a DUI reduction conviction affect your ability to get a job in CA?
I have a 2013 negligent driving 1 conviction from Washington State. This is a reduction from DUI. I am trying to get a student job tutoring for the semester in Ventura, CA. Will this prevent me from being able to do so?
Depends on the individual employer and if they even know about it.