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Do I need Interlock system to get my license back? Sarasota County FL (DUI 2006)
I did all the schooling and finished all my legal stuff. The DMV says I need to have the interlock system put on my car, how do I go about not having to do this. The DUI was in 2006 (my second) and If I have to have the interlock system in that is forcing me to buy a car along with the interlock system and I cannot afford it. Please help! :)
This DMV question needs to be answered by DMV. They maintain several nuances to the rule and regulations . It seem...
I got a dui on 11.13.14, can I drive until my arrangement hearing? or is my license suspended immediately?
first dui in florida. have a previous dui in PA 3 years ago..
You can use your ticket as a BPO DL for 10 days if ticket is checked eligible for permit. You must request a review...
What does this statement mean?
Blood alcohol over .08 with a minor in car. Enhanced penalties are mandatory. Third can be a felony in Florida.
I was arrested for a dui over 0.23 and i crash my my on trees .Do i face jail time and it is my first time ever for anything
i was arrested for a dui over 0.23 and i crash my my on trees .Do i face jail time and it is my first time ever for anything
Yes, it is possible to face a large amount of jail time, even if it is your first offense. You are also facing a...
If i plea guilty and am adjudicated for the same, can the county months later harass me for fees??
I was on probation for a dui that i received for not even driving a vehicle, the car was parked and i was asleep , however, i plead guilty to probation because my attorney could not guarantee to prevail at trial due to the fact that i was the owner of the vehicle and IN CONTROL of the vehicle while intoxicated, then the county claimed i violated this probation...moving forward, i was placed in jail, then subsequently went before a judge for a hearing where i plead guilty and was adjudicated guilty, given time served and case i am harassed as they threaten my liberty once more if i do not give them money.. can someone explain please???
1) No one forced you to enter a plea. You chose to. 2) When you pled part of your plea included monetary...
If DA lies about being drunk numerous times during trial. He had the same hospital blood work up as we did "0" alcohol
Can you bring charges against DA
No. Prosecutors are immune from such lawsuits.
Is there a statue of limitation on DUI offences in the state of Florida
I was arrested for a DUI in 1991. I was not convicted. I refused to Blow, and I lost my license for a year. I completed the year of revocation, and was issued a new license. Now after 12 years go by, they suspend my license for not going to DUI school and substance abuse treatment. Is this right? Was it even Law that you attend DUI school back then? And technically, I was not convicted of a DUI, it was thrown out of court, I was only convicted of failure to submit to a breathalyzer test.
Start by speaking to the attorney who represented you, if he or she is still practicing. If not, speak with a...