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Separated spouse DUI hit another car and kill both herself and the other person. Do you have to pay for victim's lawsuit?
If a separated spouse drunk driving, hit another car and kill both herself and the person in the other car. If the victim's family file a wrongful death lawsuit, do you have to pay for it? Already separated from spouse for over 1 year and divorce Is in proceed.
Every case is different, and there are many additional factors that are needed to better answer your questions and...
Looking for legal advise regarding 2008 minor D.U.I in LA with TX id. Didn't take D.U.I class and now its been over 7 yrs.
At the time of incident, I still had TX license. Cop did not detain me or take my out of state id. After appearing in court and paying fines and etc. I was given a 1 yr suspension and dui classes. Its been 7 years since this incident yet i haven't taken dui classes. I can't look up my record in LA because i do not have a CA identification number and was given a special reference number which does not exist when looking up driving record status. Is the DUI class necessary after so much time has passed and i have been in good standing to date? I was told mandatory actions unit has a way to waive the class but wasn't advised on how to proceed by dmv worker. Please advise
You willnhave to complete the dui classes before license re instated. You were given an x number for icentification....
Willingness of Glendale Prosecutors to plea bargain first time DUI?
I was recently arrested for a DUI in Glendale Ca. This is my first DUI offence. I was initially pulled over for dark tint on my windows. There were no aggravating circumstances (speeding or swerving) and there was no property damage or injuries. I blew a 0.1 during the FST and a 0.9 back at the station. I was very cooperative with the police and I have no prior offenses (criminal or traffic). I was wondering how tough or willing Glendale prosecutors tend to be under these circumstances when plea bargaining a DUI down to a Wet Reckless. I'm trying to be more realistic than optimistic but still looking for hope.
These cases are very winnable and under the right circumstances can be negotiated to something better than a DUI....
I got called back to court for a Dui (B- marijuana) what does this mean and what is going to happen?
I got arrested for dui for the car smelling marijuana. I went to court and my papers weren't filed. 8 months later they are now calling me to court. What does this mean and what are some realistic consequences I might face.
It probably means the DA finally got blood test results back from the crime lab and decided there's enough evidence to...
Received 2nd DUI in CA but moving to FL soon, what would be requirement to acquire license once in Florida?
I will not have completed my 18-month DUI program in California by the time I move to Florida. My 2nd DUI was with a refusal. I have been unable to contact Mandatory Action but will continue to try. I have already completed the other conditions of my probation with courts I'm just dealing with DMV at the moment.Was just hoping to get some info here.
You should cotact the license authority in FL, I believe the requirements are in their website. You may also ask them...
I think I was wrongly convicted by a jury of first time misdemeanor DUI this past week. its just not fair
I was just found guilty on the B count by a jury in Compton court. I learned a lot during that trial, including how a lot of factors could affect breath instruments. Mental impairment always comes first, before physical impairment, in a DUI case. I was pulled over at 2:20 am. I blew a .12 on the PAS and .10 at the station an hour later. I had just eaten greasy and spicy street tacos, the police officer claimed he saw an object dangling from my rear view mirror a football field away, and saw me doing 35 in 25 zone (yeah right). My lawyer even went through step by step on a chart with the officer, and I was near perfect on all FST (perfect on mental part). I have GERD, and we were not allowed to say so during trial (discovery problem I think). Officer also testified I was veryAlert and aware
You haven't asked a question. Your attorney can file a motion for a new trial and/or you can appeal.
D.U.I. Citation, no previous traffic or criminal violations on record. What are the most likely outcomes (either good or bad)?
On 9/25, 3 A.M. I totaled my car against a curb. Thankfully, no one was around & no property was damaged. I stepped out of the car, sat on a bench to call AAA when three squad cars pulled up. Asked how many drinks I had that evening to which I replied "none", then I was asked to walk in a straight line (I did well) as well as to do breathalyzer test... wasn't told BAC. No warning was provided regarding how such action (or the failure to comply) might affect me. I was not told that I was being arrested, but was informed that I would be taken to the station. I was cuffed, taken in, and asked to take an additional breathalyzer test. Again, not told the level. I was put into a cell until 11 AM until a last breath test when I was released. Citation reads: O/R 23152 (A) M 23152 (A) M 0.08 pct
It is clear from the citation that you have been charged with DUI. The citation refers to section 23152 of the CA...