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Will I face any repercussions from not completing a chemical dependency evaluation on an out-of-state DUI?
I had a aggravated, first-offense DUI in North Dakota and currently live in Montana. Conditions were unsupervised probation for 9 months, chemical dependency evaluation, fine payment, 2 days in jail, and violate no criminal laws for 9 months. I paid all fees and served the 2 days, and on the criminal cases records search, my offenses are listed as a closed status. I'd rather not pay to have an assessment done if it is not going to have any effect on me.
Are you willing to risk your license? If you don't complete the conditions of probation or if drug eval and follow...
Can I beat a DUI if I wasn't pulled over some one reported a I was drunk while I was parked in front of a store
Can it be dropped if the person doesn't show up to court. The police officer said my truck was started but keys wasn't in my possession or can I plead to a different charge I didn't get pulled over I got also a driving on suspended but I was parked
In most states, the prosecutor can prove a DUI if you are in actual physical control. However, these cases are...
Will a DUI show up when crosing the border?
My DUI isn't showing on my driving record, so im wondering if it'll show when they swipe my passport. and an i considered a criminal with a dui? i got a DUI per say Thanks so much!!
DUI may not show up That is a record
Will a dui affect my paperwork , if im the petitioner ?
my fiance is from canada , im doing the I-129F form
No in the USA, yes if you will want to visit her in Canada. You will have disclose DUI and that will prevent you from...
Can my son leave the state of Montana after a court orders dui class
We have moved to another state. My son the night before he was to come with us got a dui. He pleaded gulity was sentenced to 24 hours in jail. Fined $600 and orders to attend a dui class., he has no probation .can he still leave Montana and do the classes in the state we are moving to
As far as leaving the state, whether there are any travel restrictions, depends on what the judge ordered, and on...
DUI 4 Felony Charge in Hamilton MT. Is there hope to get it dropped to DUI 3 or dismissed?
1st DUI in 1996 when 18 years old in Missoula MT. Just took whatever the public defender told me to do. I had no real knowledge of the legal system or how serious a DUI really was. Ended up being DUI per se. 2 more DUI's in 2005. Again just went through the motions with a public defender. No benefit of the doubt with the 3rd DUI of me leaving the house in a car to avoid arguing anymore with my drunk girlfriend at the time, and then realizing driving was a bad idea and returning home 5 minutes later only to find that she had called the sheriff about me being a 'meanie' and he was sitting in the driveway when I had returned. No field tests or breathalyzer. Just cuffed and stuffed with him saying I was under arrest for DUI. It's now 2016 and just got a 4th one after being pulled over for a headlight out. I had a cold so I took some NyQuil and had 3 beers in order to just go to bed after a long week of work while being really sick. I wanted 1 more beer before I ate and went to bed so I was headed to the gas station to get a six pack. Pulled over within 1 minute of leaving my home like the officer was just waiting for me to leave. I had a fill in judge and attorney at arraignment.
If you drank an entire bottle of Nyquil, it' would be the equivalent of one beer. Either way, this is a very very...
Stole a sandwich And little bottle of aspirin and they got my friends license plate number will anything come of it
Stole a sandwich and asprin from local grocery store and they got my friends license plate number and the local pd called him and my friend said he hasn't left the house and no one used his car he doesn't know anything. Do you think anything will come of it? What is most likely to happen?
Depends on how busy the police are. If they see your confession here (there is no name attached, but how many stolen...