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  • Vandergrift man accused of sex with 14-year-old girl...

    Tuesday Jun 30 | via WTAE-TV Pittsburgh 

    Police in Vandergrift arrested 21-year-old Jonathan Ryan Davis for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old girl inside a local church and allegedly playing a "game" with that teen and others, in which they all cut themselves and drank each others' blood. Davis is charged with statutory sexual assault, corruption of minors, and indecent assault in relation to the allegations of sex with the minor.


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  • Man, 21, 'had sex with underage girl inside a church...

    Tuesday Jun 30 | via Daily Mail 

    Man, 21, 'had sex with underage girl inside a church and forced three others to drink his blood as part of online role-playing game' Police say Davis encouraged three other underage girls to cut their hands or wrists with a razor so he could suck and lick there blood A 21-year-old Pennsylvania man has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old girl inside a church and making three other minors drink his blood and cut themselves so he could drink theirs. Jonathan Ryan Davis was arraigned Monday on charges of statutory sexual assault, corruption of a minor and indecent exposure in connection to separate incidents that took place in the fall and winter of last year.


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Vandergrift Law

Going to be charged with my 2nd dui, accident involved (without serious injury), how much jail time could I expect?
I checked myself into treatment the day after the accident, I'm ready for this alcohol part of my life to be over with, no papers received yet, how much jail time should I expect and is it possible for me to get house arrest being that I have two young children?
Sounds like you have a lot to lose. You need to get an attorney to fight for the best result for you. It might also...
DUI/Probation question
If a friend of mine is on probation for a second DUI & wants to seek alcohol rehab inpatient or outpatient can he get in trouble with the probation officer or be put back in jail?
It is very, very unlikely that a probation officer would interfere with a person who genuinely seeks counseling to...
How do i expunge prior dui charges from my record
If you were convicted you can't expunge the charges unless you are 75 or older and meet certain requirements. If you...
If the arresting officer dosnt show up my appeal hearing for driving under dui suspension does it get thrown out
First offence
No, it will be continued, usually for up to 30 days.
On ARD for DUI, i got a 2nd DUI 2 days b/4 ARD finalization hearing. I have a plethora of concerns, but im telephobic.
I am on a ARD for a DUI, due to prescription meds. I did all requirements for it & just have fines left. I had my hearing for the 2nd 1, & the P.D. representing me @ this hearing & the judge suggested w/ my details I offered, I take it to trial. Now Im in a panic & confused I may do jail time b/c I felt pushed in the start & unheard. Like I was being judged as guilty b/c of my 1st offence & 2nd being close together. I feel that my original P.d. is not enthusiastic to do a discovery. Ive had ?s that my therapist @ SPHS needed answers for & he didn't seem to want bothered. he wouldn't connect w/ the prelim. judge to ask for them. Im trying to get all my med. lists, & script for my cane. plus doing videos of routes I take often.
I'm sympathetic with the difficulties you struggle with daily, and I'm sure your involvement with the criminal system...
First-time DUI. Do I need an attorney?
I got my first DUI, that's not in question. I'm hoping I don't lose my license. I have a clean record and have never been arrested.
Absolutely you need one. A first time DUI mandatory MINIMUM sentence can be anywhere from no jail time no license...
What are some ways to have my case continued for dui 90 - 180 days?
under the notion I'm living in a recovery house and would appreciate the opportunity to complete the program?
I would suggest hiring counsel that handles DUI cases in the County where this occurred. Every County handles things...