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Will I remain free pending trial? Is AA a good idea, and can I do more to help myself now? Is requesting a blood test a refusal?
I was pulled over for DUI, arrested and blew over .016. Released on bail that night. Arraignment is coming up in a few days and I want to prepare as best as I can ahead of time. Other than the DUI charge I have a clean driving record (last ticket was in 1998). I intend to plead not guilty and get an attorney (then follow their advice). For now I'm attending AA twice a day in an effort to show that I'm serious about fixing my problems. I have agoraphobia and bipolar, and I missed 2 doses of medication that day, which could lead to erratic behavior (like drinking enough to blow that high, assuming the breathalyzer was correct). I asked if I could take a blood test, but was told by the arresting officer that it would be considered a refusal of a blood alcohol test.
For all clients I recommend writing your recollections in an e-mail as soon as possible- send the message (even if you...
I blew a .006 and got a 12 hr suspense dui.. I got a dui over a year ago will I get my license taken away?
I have a new drivers license in vancouver. I'm 22 years old... What's going to happen?
A 0.006% Are you sure? I don't think breath machines measure down to the thousandth of one percent.
If a person is in the hospital for drunk driving and is detained because of a warrant has been issued to draw blood.
If a person is in the hospital for drunk driving and is detained because of a warrant has been issued to draw blood. Is the warrant valid if the Judge who signed the warrant signed the wrong date. Accident happened in June -- judge signed and dated May. Would that fall under the fruit of the poisonous tree and invalidate the warrant, throwing out the blood evidence at trial?
Scrivener's errors generally do not result in an entire warrant being thrown out of the surrounding circumstances of he...
My husband ha a lifetime suspension in oregon for his 3rd dui can he get a license in any other state in the us?
This is his 3rd dui in a span of 10 years we live in wa but they also suspended him we were told the lifetime suspension is mandatory can we move to a different state to avoid this
I know there are some States that don't have a connection with the State of WA so that he could get a license there...
My wife just received her second DUI in Washington St. The officer saw her leave the bar and pulled her over.
She went through diversion for the first one, but it was less then 2 years ago. She also refused the breathalyzer. How bad is it. Is she looking at 45 days? Thank you, Dwayne & Kim G.
Assuming she has no other priors within the past 7 years she is looking at mandatory 45 days and at least 90 days...
Is it possible to get a DUI ticket reduced to a lesser charge when I blew .079?
I was pulled over speeding, officer had me complete field tests that I passed, asked me to breathe and I declined. I felt trapped as though the officer was trying to find a reason to take me in. I was arrested and agreed to blow at the station where I blew .079. I was let go and must appear in court in a week.
Can the charges be reduced? Yes, absolutely. Will it happen in your case? I don't know. Have you asked for a DOL...
Regarding a DUI
Son with DUI, hasn't had sentence court yet, driving last night with expired insurance (2 wks ago) and car ran into pole in construction zone...not drinking and witnesses but car was towed this morning and currently at Sheriffs office for him to come in...what should he expect to happen? He is 21.
If your son's DUI is still pending then he likely has certain conditions he must comply with until the case resolves....