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How can i get my dui charge dropped to a neg 1
I was arrested last night by stater leaving a christmas party and did a field sobeiety test pretty sure i failed it, they took me back to the station and had me blow 4 times. I blew a .187. Then they had a cab come pick me up and now im pretty scared never been in trouble before have no priors and really want to know if its possible for me to get it dropped to a neg 1. This occured in the state of Washington. Any advise would help alot.
I have practiced DUI defense in Clark County for the last 14 years and the initial news is not good... The Clark County...
I entered into deferred prosecution DUI 17 years ago and finished the program. Can the record be sealed, or removed?
I have had a clean driving record before and since. I would like to know cost for doing what can be done.
Nothing can be done. Court records are always public and there's no conviction to vacate.
How long does a not-guilty dui stay on the record in washington state
no alcohol, clean tox screen
Court records are always presumptively public.
Why did a judge rejected throwing BAC test when I clearly marked that I expressed confusion on the form. Is there a precedent?
Hello, I took a field sobriety test after getting into an accident (not at fault, no injuries), i took the field sobriety test but not the portable breathalyzer test. I was booked and had all my rights read to me. While being interrogated I wasn't aware that the officer could call a lawyer for me, although I did consent to taking the breath test fearing an immediate license suspension (need for work), it was .16 On one of the forms, it asks whether you are confused. I checked yes and the officer never attempted to show me a list of available lawyers. Today, in a motion to throw the evidence before trial, the judge estimated that I was "educated" enough and didn't fulfill the confusion state! The officer recognized that it wasn't him checking the box. I am wondering if that check mark is subjective and the officer had no obligation to provide me with a lawyer at the time of the incident. I honestly did not know how things worked, and given the state I was in, I couldn't make clear judgement. Now, going to trial probably expected to fail, can I argue the same further in an appeals court or cut my losses and move on with my life? Do I have a case?
Confusion regarding the Implied Consent Warning has several facets: First, the confusion needs to be evident to the...
Is a DUI deportable for a green card holder?
I am a green card card will expire soon..I had one DUI 5 years ago..will they deny it? No one was injured, no accident. Paid all fines. Did everything that was required of me. Should I get a lawyer before I fill out the renewal form?
This is really an immigration question rather than a credit card question. I would advise at least talking to one or...
Can i drive under the " right to drive " act of 2015?
A work buddy told me about the right to drive act a few weeks ago. It intrigues me because i have a suspended license. I live in washington state but work in portland, oregon. Its difficult to get to and from work because of this. I have the ability to get a car ( itd be my first :D ), but i dont know if the " right to drive " act is a real thing. Any help would be immensely appreciated
There was a DRIVE act of 2015, but that dealt with funding for highway projects, not any sort of rights. There is a...
Does having one DUI on record make you deportable?
Had only one DUI 5 years ago, no accident, no injuries, no child in car, paid all fines, did everything that was required for first time DUI. I been in the USA my whole life, i hold a green card and it is almost time to renew. Is there anything i need to know before i fill out the renewal form.
" I been in the USA my whole life". That is not true. It it were true that you have been in the US your whole life, you...