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How can highway patrol officers arrest someone for dui if they are not in the vehicle?
we called a towing service to tow a van out of the ditch and the towing service called the highway patrol . I called the tow truck to ask how long it would take and they said the highway patrol was at the incident and i should go back there because i was just down the road at my house . this is my husband van . so i go back and they said my husband fled the accident . so i take them to my house to talk to my husband and they arrest him on dui and take him to jail , He has not been charged through court yet . they did no testing and he was not behind the wheel , how can they do this ? without him actually driving , and without any test ? and they called the local police officer to take him to jail .
Great question, full of assumptions on the part of the police. Do they have what we call a "wheel witness?" That would...
My sister Received a DUI in Illinois, considered a DWI in Texas. She wants to move to texas to be with my husband and I
Her court date is in May, last time she has to appear. She has done all the requirements they have requested. Our question is can she move to texas and continue to work on obtaining a reinstatement of driving privileges?
Unless she is under some sort of court-ordered supervision (such as a period of probation or deferred adjudication),...
How long can Texas hold you in jail if the grand jury wont even indict you? Nore will the judge lower your bail.
The trooper lost the bac report, and according to the doctor he would have not operated if the individual was intoxicated....The BAc report has been missing since the day of the incident..
In Texas you can be held for the following time periods without having an information (for misdemeanors) or indictment (...
MY wife was recently charged with Intoxication Manslaughter. but they lost the B.A.C. report
I was at the wreck just after it happend. She had two empty beer cans in the car from days prior so they are charging her for open container and Intoxication Manslaughter.. The have since then detained her three weeks after the accident. They have since lost her blood alchol report. Her attorney says they can still win because of her past DUI charges also cause she was rude to officers at the wreck. Well of course she was rude she hates cops. She also was in and out of conciousness had broken femur, shoulder and hand. Whats next/
I hate to hang a defense on them not finding the report, or not being able to reproduce it from blood drawn, but it is...
My brother violated his probation of (received 7 years) on a felony charge. He got a DWI and is back in jail. What will happen
My brother went to jail on a felony charge. He was in jail for a year before the judge would even see him. He was in jail for 3 years and got probation for 7 years. A few weeks ago he violated his probation because he got a DWI. He is in Van Zandt County jail in Canton, TX. They seem to do things differently in a small town. What can happen to him now?
First thing he needs is a Van Zandt County lawyer. Although state law is consistent throughout the state, you are...
License suspended with a DWI,But my offense was a DUI?
I got a letter saying that my alcohol level was .08 or more (DWI) but my offense was a DUI
In Texas, you are charged with DWI (driving while intoxicated) if you are an adult (over 17). If you are under 17, then...
Will they deny me if I have a dismissed DWI?
My job is paying for me to get my notary. I have submitted payment, my application and I have a DWI that was dismissed, so I submitted that dismissal! I haven't received it and am scared they will deny me! Should I be worried or will I be okay? My record is very clean no tickets for anything just that DWI but I took care of it! It's been a nightmare..
If the DWI was dismissed, you should be fine. The third requirement to be a notary public in Texas is that you "Must...