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Any lawyer that will help me win this case or at least drop it down to reckless driving and for mw to take classes and community service.
without much detail it's hard to tell what your cases of other than a DUI I'm sure if you contacted an attorney on the...
I'm living paycheck to paycheck. Is it possible if there was a down payment placed and then pay monthly afterwards? How can this work out?
I would contact a criminal attorney or post your question for someone in the criminal panel.
A friend of mine was arrested for DUI the other night. She surrendered her driver license and they gave her a pink slip that says "suspension/revocation order and temporary driver license". She blew .18% on the breathalyzer. They also gave her a court date next month. What will happen to her?
She will be given a hearing and will be sentenced. She should retain a skilled CA attorney now to begin to...
I was arrested with a Misdemeanor DUI. On the pink slip it says on "Driver License" the box "Surrendered to Officer (Attach)" was checked. I've done the breathalyzer and the blood draw with no refusal. This is my first time getting arrested and booked. So is this pink slip allowing me to drive? I just need to get to work and home. I understand that I only have this privilege for 30 days from when I was released but it's still not clear to me if I have the privelge to drive. I've been scheduled for court next month.
that is a full drivers license after the 30 days if you do not contest the license suspension your license will be...
I was arrested for a DUI in Van Nuys, probable cause was speeding (I was "going almost 100" on the 101 N fwy), took the field sobriety test and did well for the most part, refused breathalyzer, and took blood test in jail. So far I've requested the DMV hearing and stay. This is my first offense and I don't want to have to pay for an attorney if my BAC result comes in low. In all likelihood, would it be ok for me to attend my arraignment next month on my own just to find out my BAC results, and request a continuance if the results are over the limit? Would I have to plead, or would I get to wait for the next court date? It's hard to get an honest answer from attorneys, all I've heard so far are all the possible negative outcomes.
just take the offer. Offer it's unlikely to get any better
Arrested for DUI (BAC 0.13) in CA as undocumented immigrant driving without license. No one was hit or hurt, just stopped when entering a construction area, questioned, and tested. I was told by a friend that the best thing to seek out is deferral before adjudication for the case in order for it not to affect any future immigration issues. Is this possible with a DUI in CA, or extremely hard to achieve based on evidence/facts of case?
Hi there Van Nuys, It seems you have a few problems going on. To answer your questions succinctly: 1) Deferred...
Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant. Any jobs that are in the nursing field?
Getting arrested for a dui may not immediately affect your job but a conviction would likely affect your license. For...