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Income required to reopen a case that was denied
i was denied due to a issue of attendance due to drugs or alcohol
There is absolutely no question here, asker... not even sure what the subject is.
I have a Felony DUI in LA. 3 Injured parties with Soft tissue injuries to all three (whiplash). This is my third DUI
I have a Felony DUI in LA. 3 Injured parties with Soft tissue injuries to all three (whiplash). This is my third DUI. I blew a 0 for BAC, but my blood will show some ambien. Problem is my second DUI was just 3 weeks ago (ambien and alcohol) - misdemeanor. My first DUI was three yrs old, 2013. I wasn't on probation. Is there ANY possibility to get the third DUI dropped to a misdemeanor? Who is the best attorney for this job? It sounds like a very complex situation I'm in. By the way the second DUI has NOT been filed yet.
You're correct in that this is a very complex and serious situation. Generally a DUI, by itself, only becomes a felony...
Is it against the law for a police to make you blow into the breathalyzer more than 3 times
I had just had some Listerine I had not drinking and hours before I got pulled over and I told the cop about the situation but he still took me in. Another thing is I passed the test that the cops make you do before they test your breath and I passed them I also heard that you're only supposed to take one test not all 3 is that true?
Sorry to tell you but the breathalyzer machine can distinguish between alcohol and other substances that can contain...
My question is, if i pleaded "no contest to my DUI w/Injury case, I'm i still able to fight this?
Police Officers did not impound my car and only gave me a breathalyzer test after 2 hours. i blew double the limit (.015/16) can the breathalyzer still be accurate?
I'm confused. A "no contest" plea is the same as guilty. Your BAC was twice the legal limit. If you pled "no contest"...
Got pulled over and got a state ref ticket for modified intake and suspended license from dui. what will happen?
got my dui a few months back and have been put on probation and my license suspended. the cop didn't take me to jail nor impounded my car and let me go after he pulled me over and gave me the ticket. will this affect my probation? will i get jail time or pay bigger fines? what exactly will happen? i know what i did was wrong, but I'm worried because i dont want to keep going with my dui program and community labor to later find out on my progress court date i have to start over or given more fines or maybe jail time
Well, if you were cited for the Misdemeanor - driving on a suspended license - then you have violated a term of your...
DUI charge reduced to Speed Exhibition/speed ex but my current background check showing DUI charge and excessive alcohol??
I had a DUI charged reduced to a Speed Exhibition/Speed Contest in Van Nuys Court a few months back. Van Nuys ended up sending the DMV a notice saying I was charged with a DUI. My lawyer at the time went back to the Van Nuys court following day and fixed it where my DMV driving record says speed exhibition. My question is shouldn't there be no mention of a DUI in my background check since court agreed to charge me for only for speed ex/speed contest? I was told to get a minute order from court to send to background company. Will that correct this or do I need to do anything else on my end. Thanks all!
no, your background check will always show two things: 1. what you were arrested for, and 2. what you were ultimately...
Facing A Jail Or Prison Sentence And A Federal Case (Not DUI)
Once an investigation is complete by the Federal Gov't, and if they believe they have evidence to convict you, will they come to your home to arrest you, or send you a summons for you go to court first? Also, once you enter a plea of not guilty, and the case against you is pending, (and you cannot provide a bail for release), will the court allow you the time to go back to your home to make arrangements for your belongings? What if you have a pet and your personal property such as a car, your landlord notification to ensure belongings at your residence are removed or otherwise left unattended? Or do they not ever care or consider those needs?
Federal Prosecutors don't really care about your personal needs. If you suspect a federal indictment is coming your...