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What if I know someone that is on parole and he got a dwi
my boyfriend is on parole because he got out of prison on june 11, 2015 for meth and he got a dwi on march 14, 2016. and he goes to trail on October 20, 2016. will he go back to prison????
If he is convicted of the DUI, he probably will go back to prison.
My ex-wife s a Mexican citizen. She has been a US resident alien for 40 years. 12 years ago she had a series of 3-4 DUI's.
She served time in jail. She has been detained by immigration now on a return trip from Mexico. How do I get her released and back to USA?
She will need to consult with an experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible. An experienced lawyer will be...
When someone gets a DWI i know their license are suspended for 6 mons - will they get suspended again when go to court?
Have completed classes for D driving and MADD - but also has reckess driving charge
Its a possibility but not necessarily. It depends on whether you negotiate something different with the prosecutor or...
Self employeed got dwi arkansas must drive established successful business no traffic violations
received a week ago saturday already enrolled in dwi classes paid also have proof enrolled in madd impact group have corporate papers set work schedule route to work letter from long time friend and state trooper as a personal reference any chance of keeping license in arkansas any advice that could help
If you want to keep your license from being suspended or restricted once your 30 days of your temporary license are...
Got charged with a dui paid fines in full...
I got charged for a dui first time offender back in august. I plead guilty the judge ordered 10 days in jail with 1 day served and 9 days suspended with a 900 dollar fine.. It is now February I went to court today asked the judge if I could pay the amount I owe in full tomorrow he granted my wish. But said come back the following Tuesday for sentencing.. I'm starting my classes Thursday.. Have to attend 4 classes... Will the judge revoke my probation and send me to jail Tuesday or could he let me have an extension on my classes..
The judge will probably extend your probation if you show proof that you have started your classes, but he doesn't have...
Can I get sole or joint physical custody of my child if custodial parent got a DWI while her other babies were in the car?
Found out that my ex (custodial parent) got a DWI while her other babies were in the car. Prosecutor did not bring up child endangerment charges, so she was never charged with that. She only got charged with a 1st offense DWI. Will this be enough to win me sole custody or even just joint with me being the custodial parent of my kid? I have a copy of the police report and it does say that she had her two babies in the car. Her behavior is just getting worse and she is endangering my child. This is not the first time she has done this, just first time she got caught by the cops.
I don't wish to appear to be avoiding the question - because driving while under the influence when you have small...
Received dwi suspension paper but no ticket.
I was on my way to work. The night before I had some drinks. I slept for 6hrs. But when I woke I left for work. About 1/4 mile from i lost control of my vehicle and flipped it. A bystander call the local ambulance and took me to the local hospital for care. I told the hospital staff no blood work. They then told me it was just to check for clots or something. And that a officer can't get my blood work unless I consent. So I went to sleep when I woke. I had an accident report on my bed. A day later I was discharged for alcohol intoxication but still no bac level stated. 2wks later I received a dwi suspension paper in the mail with no bac level stated. Never received ticket. What should I do?
The hospital staff was wrong; they can still get your blood from the hospital. And if you're unconscious they can get...