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-charge is now a reckless-driving and 2 misdemeanor marijuana related charges? how do i respond?
The answer is "Yes." You were more than cited; the police arrested you. Be honest and upfront about it.
i am 46 yo with no prior criminal history and no traffic infractions. I live in Florida and received 2 dui's in a 3 week period because of medication I was taking. both cases were tried at the same hearing and I heard that they should have granted me a reduction because I pleaded no contest to both. I also heard that this was mandatory in Hillsborough County Fl. Is this true? Please help
Cannot imagine a reason a defendant would get a reduced sentence for committing the same wrongful act twice, especially...
I went for my administrative review and was referred for a special purpose supervision license because of 2 dui's within 5 years. This is Florida statute but i was informed that a review judge can take into his discretion the facts of the case and overrule the statute and grant a regular business only this true and can I appeal the decision if it is true and this time go with an attorney.
The 2 DUI convictions within 5 years carries it's own DL suspension and penalties; the DMV (administrative) suspension...
My First DUI case will come to an end this week and most probably i will get a suspension on my license. I will go to DMV and get a restricted license(30 days to work and home). In the mean time, I am moving out to Florida permanently in 2 to 3 weeks. There is grace period of 30 days in Florida where you can drive with your previous states license. So, Will I be able to drive in Florida with my CA restricted license as well ? I enquired with florida DMV and they said I cannot get a restricted license in Florida with an out of state hardship on license. So I was wondering if I wait it out and drive the full 30 days with CA restricted license and then when the restriction is done then go to a DMV get a full license in Florida.
The restricted ca. license can be used for thirty days until you can get the restriction lifted and gain a florida dl....
I will have court it early july about a dui charge in Tampa, Florida. My BAC test was 0.108 and I'm under 21 yo. There was no accident or any damage from this, not even speeding. But penalties are worse because I am a new driver and under 21 according to my lawyer. I am simply asking about the worst case scenario, not actually a prediction or something like that, I know this would be impossible. But according to your experiences, what is the worst-case scenario on similar court cases? Large fines? Suspension of license for years? Time in jail? Please answer. Thank you in advance for your help!
Following is an OFFICIAL link to Florida's DUI laws / penalties. It does not get either plainer or more accurate than...
If I get a convicted of a Refusal in Virginia, what does Florida do when they find out? I have a FL license. What if I get convicted of a DWI in VA, what does FL law do? I am trying to decide how to approach my case. Thank you
Florida will suspend your license. The Interstate Compact dictates that all member states comply with the other states'...
my case was set for disposition 7 days ago. the state attorney agreed to accept me into the MIP. i've been checking the court records online and it hasn't been updated since then ( set for Disposition). i tried to go to the state attorney office to check with them i couldn't get in. i went to the misdemeanor records and the documents in the file still the same nothing updated since the court date (case is set for disposition). i went to the salvation army Tampa office and they couldn't help me. knowing i only have 10 days to submit the MIP application and waving my right to speedy trial form. only 3 days left. what should i do? Should i just apply and submit the application? is there any other way where i can go to court and check the status of my case ? or what should i do
Your question is a bit confusing. Normally the Pti program applications take several weeks or months. Your delay is...