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Will I need an attorney for a first time DUI?
This is my first offence in anything. My records are otherwise clean. My report reads that I had fallen asleep at a stop light (it was around 4am) with my foot on the break when the arresting officer woke me and proceeded to perform the field sobriety tests. I was compliant throughout the process, but I'm also seeing my BAC was at .173/.172... And I'm not sure of the likeliness of being able to successfully request at least an hardship license before my 10 days are up. Or what options I may be eligible for- because I did see in the DMV handbook that first time offenders do have an option for reinstating a suspended license due to a DUI. I will probably need an attorney anyway if I want to have the incident expunged. So if I plan to do that is it best to just get an attorney asap?
You should definitely consult with and retain an experienced attorney in the Hillsborough County area. There may be...
How can I go about fixing this and find an affordable attorney for something that seems rather simple. Havent been in trouble si
I had an OVI in the state of Ohio in 2011, first time offense. I was finally able to pay the $490 reinstatement fee a few months back, $15 of which the bmv site said was for a warrant block. I was only staying in Ohio temporarily and had a wife and child still living in north Dakota, but due to a rocky marriage, was continually being forced to relocate. I am now in Florida and have been for 3 years. I called them and was told I had a bench warrant, was transferred to the probation office where no one answered, so I left a message explaining my situation to which I never received a response. I am almost certain I am going to need an attorney, just not certain what direction I need to go in to get this off weight off my back and get on with my life, with driving privileges.
I practice in CA, and I don't know what the requirements are for a DUI conviction regarding the license to drive, but I...
Can you have a reevaluation for therapy hours
I'm currently on probation for a dui in Colorado and my origional probation officer passed away which prevented me from getting timely answers. I was sentenced from him 56 hours of therapy that even puzzled my therapist to why I had so many hours. I do not have a problem with alcohol, nor does my therapist think I have an issue with alcohol. Just a bad decision to drink and drive the one time. I was wondering if there was a way to lower my therapy hours or get rid of them altogether. I should have been referred to a therapist but instead he decided to make the decision of my therapy.
You may want to consider filing a Motion to Modify Probation. See if your therapist and probation officer would support...
Can I expect to get drug tested for the DUI Counterattack Class Level 1 In Hillsborough County?
I have to register and take the level1 DUI class, I am unclear as to if I will be drug tested. I am understand that they will do the breath tube test.
You will get an evaluation done and if required, you will need to attend and complete counseling if found to have a...
Have you ever been cited for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI)?
-charge is now a reckless-driving and 2 misdemeanor marijuana related charges? how do i respond?
The answer is "Yes." You were more than cited; the police arrested you. Be honest and upfront about it.
I received two dui's in three weeks and both cases were tried at the same hearing. should i be granted a reduced sentence
i am 46 yo with no prior criminal history and no traffic infractions. I live in Florida and received 2 dui's in a 3 week period because of medication I was taking. both cases were tried at the same hearing and I heard that they should have granted me a reduction because I pleaded no contest to both. I also heard that this was mandatory in Hillsborough County Fl. Is this true? Please help
Cannot imagine a reason a defendant would get a reduced sentence for committing the same wrongful act twice, especially...
Can administrative review be overturned
I went for my administrative review and was referred for a special purpose supervision license because of 2 dui's within 5 years. This is Florida statute but i was informed that a review judge can take into his discretion the facts of the case and overrule the statute and grant a regular business only this true and can I appeal the decision if it is true and this time go with an attorney.
The 2 DUI convictions within 5 years carries it's own DL suspension and penalties; the DMV (administrative) suspension...