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Whats the likelyhood of a reduced charge after a dui arrest, and avoiding license suspension?
Iam a commercial driver so the loss of my license for any period of time essentially kills the career ive had all my life. I recieved 2 dui's nearly 20 years ago and subsequently quit drinking. This last year has been full of personal termoil, recently my sponsor from aa moved and i tried & tried but eventually relapsed. I stayed at home but last night after not drinking for nearly an hour i decided too go pick up a pizza. I was stoped, and arrested for dui. I was booked, and released on my o.r. i have proof of my aa attendance, and have not been in trouble at all . Is it possible that i can avoid dui charge and license suspension?
The answer to your question is going to depend on local laws. The fact that you have had previous DUIs may be a major...
Probable cause
Arrested for dui, after being pulled over for crossing center line on a real narrow, snow covered road where center line isnt visible. Is this still probable cause or could a defense attorney raise these issues, along with pictures in the defense
Of course a defense attorney could raise this to challenge probable cause. Whether that will be sufficient to convince...
Can Washington state suspend a B.C. license if a Canadian citizen, resident alien in Washington gets a dui in Washington?
I am a resident alien in Washington state. I am a Canadian citizen and work in canada but live in Washington and commute every 4 days. I recently got a dui in Washington. I have no prior. I got a letter from the DOL for my license to be suspended. I only have a B.C. license.
WA can certainly not authorize you to drive in WA. If you are caught driving in WA after your driving privilege has...
Upon completion of withheld judgement DUI in Idaho . . clearing Washington's driving record listing conviction ?
I am approaching the successful completion of my probation required for my withheld judgement DUI in Idaho . Following that , the case will be dismissed . I'm a resident of Washington , so at the time of the guilty plea the court notified Washington DOL . I plan to have the records expunged in Idaho , but how do I clear my drivers record in Washington ? As it is listed now as " Conviction from Idaho Court " with attached ( 5 yr ) probationary license , ( 3 yr ) SR22 and interlock requirements .
The things you would have to do is contact DOL at 360-902-3900 and talk to a representative about what you would have...
Does a traffic infraction for an open container violate probation for a DUI
Does a traffic infraction for an open container violate probation for a DUI?
A traffic infraction doesn't generally violate a DUI probation. However, the answer to your question truly depends on...
How can i get my dui charge dropped to a neg 1
I was arrested last night by stater leaving a christmas party and did a field sobeiety test pretty sure i failed it, they took me back to the station and had me blow 4 times. I blew a .187. Then they had a cab come pick me up and now im pretty scared never been in trouble before have no priors and really want to know if its possible for me to get it dropped to a neg 1. This occured in the state of Washington. Any advise would help alot.
I have practiced DUI defense in Clark County for the last 14 years and the initial news is not good... The Clark County...
Pending DUI
So I have a pending DUI. If convicted it will be my third. I have DUI from 2008, 2013 which I am still currently on community supervision for and a violation from last year for a wreckless endangerment. I just got 60 days home detention for the violation of the reckless driving. I just did 45 days home detention for the violation of the 2013 DUI. Now I'm dealing with the current DUI. this case is different. They got a warrant to draw my blood but the lady who drew my blood wasn't licensed so out goes the blood test. The plea they offered is drop it to a wreckless and driving suspended in the third degree. Go to a victims panel and attend drug and alcohol classes determined by an a assessment I would get. I'm already in classes and have been since march. My question is what do you think are my chances are at trial? They pulled me over for speeding but did not give me a citation. Please help.
With your history a reduction to reckless driving may be a very good result. It is impossible for anyone in a form like...