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Upon completion of withheld judgement DUI in Idaho . . clearing Washington's driving record listing conviction ?
I am approaching the successful completion of my probation required for my withheld judgement DUI in Idaho . Following that , the case will be dismissed . I'm a resident of Washington , so at the time of the guilty plea the court notified Washington DOL . I plan to have the records expunged in Idaho , but how do I clear my drivers record in Washington ? As it is listed now as " Conviction from Idaho Court " with attached ( 5 yr ) probationary license , ( 3 yr ) SR22 and interlock requirements .
The things you would have to do is contact DOL at 360-902-3900 and talk to a representative about what you would have...
Does a traffic infraction for an open container violate probation for a DUI
Does a traffic infraction for an open container violate probation for a DUI?
A traffic infraction doesn't generally violate a DUI probation. However, the answer to your question truly depends on...
1st DUI in CA but have a WA drivers license. How do state laws and MVD laws worm?
I was charged with a DUI in CA that was a nightmare and very complicated . Long story short we worked out a deal with the DA for me to wear a SCRAM for 12 months, complete 160 hours of community service, attend either 2 AA classes or one MADD class, and complete a 3 month alcohol program. I have already started to comply as requested. Long story short. If CA alerts WA of the DUI. Does WA then following CA laws or do they require me to follow laws of their own state in regards to driving. I am trying to understand if WA will enforce me to get an IID installed and also complete any courses to maintain or reinstate my driving privileges. I do not have a CA license, I have a WA license.
WA, through its licensing authority, can, and likely will, make you comply with its own laws regarding interlock and...
Can I form a suit against a drunk driver?
My parked van was recently hit by a drunk driver, who then fled the scene of the accident. Once home, his wife and daughter called the police and reported it. His insurance is agreeing to pay out a bit over the Kelly Blue Book value of my van. My problem is, I paid my van off two years ago and had no intention of financing a new vehicle any time soon. This whole situation has caused a great deal of hardship to my family. I took great care of my van and planned to drive it another 3-4 years. Do I have a valid case against this irresponsible driver? I mean, I'm not trying to capitalize on the situation, but the amount his insurance offered will only scratch the surface of what it will cost me to finance another vehicle--not to mention the stress that comes with that.
You can sue him but it is unlikely that you can get that much more than the Blue Book value as the financing hassle is...
Can I keep my time from being restarted if I failed a breathalyzer reading but had no alcohol whatsoever even near me.
I received an APC in ND in 2013 with WA license. IID is required for this charge in WA. I had not ingested any sort of alcohol or had anything in my car but my IID wrongly tested and failed me on my way to work June 28, 2015. They now require me to restart my 4 month compliance which makes me pay an extra $500 total. Can I get them to remove this fail and just finish my last month. Alcohol readings were up and down and for the previous 2 weeks it was giving me false readings saying that I had alcohol in my system. The company said it could pick up alcohol from any source which, in my mind makes the entire system invalid and faulty to their benefit because I now have to pay them all that money.....again. Thank you for your time
It is up to the IID provider to confirm for DOL that you have been violation-free during the last four months. For this...
Can I get my breathalyzer removed without the 4 month compliance in washington state because of possible malfunction.
I plead guilty to an APC in North Dakota while I had a Washington state license in 2013. Washington requires a certain amount of time with the device including the final 4 month compliance before getting an unrestricted license back. I have fulfilled all the time except for the 4 month compliance. The past two weeks or so the machine has been giving me alcohol readings when I have not ingested or used any type of alcohol products whatsoever, being very careful due to my previous fail with mouthwash. June 28, 2015 I tested and alcohol showed again without ingesting or using alcohol products and when it retested on my way to work I failed and it locked me out of my car. When I finally got a hold of the company they said it could pick up alcohol from anywhere in the vehicle. Can I fight it?
This is very common. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard similar complaints about a malfunctioning breath...
Deferred prosecution For dui?
I was arrested for a dui early morning last week. I failed to stop after leaving a bbq and officer pulled me over. I had been drinking earlier in the night. I didn't blow but I did fail any field test. I had to give a blood draw before I was booked due to a warrant . This sadly will be consider my 3rd, my first 10 years ago which was dropped to a neg driving and my 2nd 4 years ago dropped to a reckless. As it looks like I have a problem with this however I honestly rarely drink anymore. I do not want to do or can't do any jail time. I am a small business owner / single mom. Is deferrment a opition I should strongly consider? The officers said they noted how corpertive I was and to be honest I think they felt bad. Either way this is a nightmare- I will not be drinking for a while or ever
I have already answered this question. Good luck to you. You should be able to consult with a local attorney for this...