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I was arrested for first defense DUI 5years ago, I didn't complete dui classes because I didn't realize they were mandatory.
I was recently arrested on a warrant bc of this negligence and recharged with first offense dui... Can they really start it from scratch again? Is there an easier way to deal with this?
If you were represented by an attorney I suggest you contact them to discuss this. If you did not have an attorney it...
I have a second dui just 2 months ago. i have been under political asylum for 12 years. I am applying for green card
first dui 2011 and second dui 2015. I received a letter to go for an interview for green card. I read somewhere online that normally they dont do interviews but that an interview for green cards could imply they are going to deport me. Is this correct?
With two dui's in your history, you need to work with an experienced immigration attorney asap.
If I have a turn in date on a Drving under revocation and need an extension by three days can my public defender change that
Turn in by today at fiv but need it changed for thursday
You're already past due and you didn't report so either today or tomorrow there will be a warrant for your arrest....
How is license reinstatement affected by out of state DUI?
I reside in South Dakota and got a DUI while in Oklahoma (SD license). As I understand, OK requires 180 days revocation for a 1st offense and 18mo reinstatement period with an interlock device in certain instances. Am I required to have my license suspended for 180 days rather than the amount of time required for SD first offenses? Also, does SD recognize the 18 month interlock mandate after the revocation is served?
Very difficult questions to answer. Consider calling a DUI attorney in the state you got your DUI in. Typically you...
After a neg. blood and urine test come back in dui can they retest your blood
i got a neg bac and ua now states attorney wants to test my blood for drugs how do i know this is ok shouldnt th first findings be enough
No. The state can retest. Nothing prevents them. However, if you have already been charged, whether the state would be...
Work permit for stay at home mom?
I was recently picked up for DUI 2nd. I have a special needs son who has therapy several times a week and attends public school only part time. I live 20 miles from the nearest therapy site. Hopefully I'll be able to obtain a work permit (self employed) but this doesn't cover therapy/school issues. Do the courts basically state that stay-at-home moms and/or homeschooling moms (especially with a special needs child) don't have a "JOB?" Hoping to find some way to keep attending therapy.
As it has been 3 days and no one from your state has answered, you really need to consult with a local DUI defense...
Do I plead guilty or not guilty for a suspended imposition in Sioux Falls South Dakota
I was pulled over in Sioux Falls South Dakota for DUI And blew .12,and about an hour Later received a blood test.I have no prior legal record or moving violations, I do have a CDL I need for my job.I was told I would probably qualify for a suspended imposition so at the pre-trial do I plead guilty or not guilty? I was told plead not guilty and then we'll go to a disposition with the state's attorney?I've been getting conflicting stories from other experienced people,An ex bailif of 10 years tells me to plead not guilty but research told me to plead guilty.... any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you very much!
Before pleading guilty you should consult with an experienced DUI attorney in you area, especially with your CDL on the...