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Can I drive agricultural equipment in North Dakota with a suspended license?
First offense and it looks like I will be able to plea it down to a reckless. However DOT decided to suspend my license for 91 days in the administrative hearing. I can get a work permit in 30 days. I farm and it's harvest time. I don't want to break the law but I do need to get work done. From the reading I've done I think I'm ok driving on private property but moving equipment on public roads is unclear.
It would depend if you need a license to drive this equipment in the first place, asker. Without knowing what you're...
Any possibility of a work permit after 2nd DUI?
Got 2 DUI's in one year, 6 months from each other. 2nd DUI's BA was .18 and license was suspended for 2 years. Is there anyway of getting a workers permit after a year has gone by? No taxi in rural North Dakota and also farm on the side.
If ND is anything like WA state then no, you won't be able to get any type of license until the suspension time has run....
What is a suspended sentence of imposition and how will this affect my DUI
What is a suspended sentence of imposition? And how can this help with a DUI?
It's usually called imposition of suspended sentence, meaning that if you complete your probation successfully no...
Why can one state say that my license taken away is the equivalent of a dwi.. the charges were dropped ?
Gross misdemeanor. Went to one attorney that I liked and he is asking 2500. Went to another attorney and he said it's not worth pursuing. Went to a third attorney and he says that I could be struggling for years with expensive car insurance. I turned myself in and was at .10.
Your post does not contain a lot of information, however, when you are stopped for DWI in ND two things happen. There...
Is there any thing I can do?
I was visiting fargo nd and living out of my car for a few weeks, one evening I was watching Netflix in the Wal-Mart parking lot and i had a few beers Someone must of reported me because a fargo pd pulled up and was knocking on my window they claimed my car fit a disruption of one that was in an accident, I told them it wasn't me and pointed out there was obviously no damage to my car, they didn't give me a breath test just asked me to walk a line and stand on one foot I didn't do so well so they brought me in and booked me,I'm a minnesota resident and have had 2 priors in minnesota,I was scheduled to go to municipal court but it was dismissed and sent to district court,I'm still waiting to hear back from them that was almost a month ago. Not sure what to do.
Did you give them an address somewhere to contact you?
Do I have to go to court once my 2 year probation is up for my suspended imposition or does it automatically go into affect?
I have a petty theft charge and was given a suspended imposition as long as I followed the judges order for 2 years. This December 2017, I will be at my 2 year mark. Do I have to go to court again?
No. If it's a deferred imposition then the file will automatically seal within 61 days of the end of probation assuming...
What happens if I dont take a test?
In April I was charged with physical child neglect for my daughter being tardy for school. It's been months n now they want me to take random drug tests. I've never been into trouble or even pulled over.
You could face sanctions for refusing to do so. Is it court ordered due to some criminal charge? If so it could be a...