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Can I negotiate the Emergency Response Cost to a DUI?
I received an invoice from the city of San Diego charged me $1265 for Emergency Response Cost to a DUI. My DUI case is still pending. Also there had no any accidents involved, nobody got injury. I would accept to pay the fine for police but 1265 is very high. They didn't list the detail of fees that I have to pay. It's very ambiguous. My question is can I reduce my payment or call them to negotiate?
I would talk to your criminal defense attorney about this. Your attorney would know the facts surrounding why there was...
Court ordered community service dui
I was recently ordered to enroll in community service within 60 days of conviction. I was wondering if i have to start the community service right away after i enroll or would i be able to pick my own time on when to complete the community service. Like would i be able to complete the community service in summer?
The court should have given you a deadline by which to submit proof of completion of the service. You can choose when...
Second DUI while on probation: Do I have to complete the 18 month DUI program to get my license back?
I am coming up to the one year date of when I was convicted for a second DUI while on probation in Decemeber. I was told after a year I could get my license back. However, I was going over the DMV letter they sent me with the criteria I needed to fulfill to get my license back. I'm going to pay the reissue fee, and I have a SR22. However it said before a driver license can be issued or returned after the year has passed, it also states, "Completion of a Driving Under the Influence program...". I'm not going to complete the 18 month program until May/June. Is that when I can apply to get my license back, or can I get it back in December when the one year date passes?
at this point since you should be eligible for a license
How can I get a copy of my blood test from dui? No one told me from my medication
Coming from pharmacy just took 1 of my medication. While driving home dropped cigeratte (about to put in ash try) then fell out of my finger to knee ( wearing shorts) then hit floor. Rushed to pick up cigeratte on floor before fire. Split second slid on turn from dirt to deep grass.
Your lawyer will get this information when you go to court. If you can't afford to hire your own lawyer, the judge will...
How do i get my liscence back from a dui charge in 2001 ?
I have graduated from an in house 8 week rehab facility in 2011 . found out the case was dropped from court and was told its now up to dmv.and that i may have to do the course all over to get liscense back.cant i just show the dmv my certificate of completion ?
Have you asked the DMV what they'll require? You may only need to file an SR-22 and pay the re-issue fee.
Could somebody please explain this to me?
I keep getting told that a DUI first offender must attend an alcohol program no matter what in order to get their license back. If that were truly the case, then why does it not state this on these forms? One column (probation granted) states clearly that the class is required, yet the other column clearly does not have the class listed. Shouldn't BOTH columns reflect the class requirement if that were truly the case>? Find the forms here.. and also here....
The forms are merely a function of the underlying statutes, so if the statute requires the class then the class is...
What is the average cost to hire an attorney for a dui case?
This is my second dui in less than 10 years and I only got pulled over, no accident and no one was injured or involved.
Every DUI case is different and most attorneys will tailor their fees based on an initial examination of the...